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School days fanfic.

year 2035
In the heart of a town named westside a family of hedgehogs were packing
"Mom I don't think moveing to Pouncefeild is such a good Idea." Says a red hedgehog named Rage. Though he's school aged he is the Guardian of Chaos. The Chaos are an extinct Race that Created the Chaos emeralds originaly gaurded by Echidnas but they all died out (Yes even knuckles). he is also a member of a secret organizeation called TYF. "Your father needs this job so we're moving one way or another." His mother says. After hours of packing and unpacking they were setup in their new home. "Rage I got you and Sam signed up for the local school. The're two other kids named Edward and Edna at the same bus stop as you. They can probley help show you around." Rages mother says.

Chapter 2. St. Lovejoy

The next morning Rage grabs the chaos emeralds and runs off to the bus. Like his mom said the're two others waiting both foxes.
"Hello you must be the new kid I heard about. What's your name?" asks the male fox.
"My names Rage. And you are?" Rage says
"My names Edward and this is my sister Edna." Edward says. Edna notices the Chaos emeralds in Rage's backpack and she reaches for them.
"hay can I see your gems?" Edna asks.
"Oh you mean the Chaos emeralds?" Rage says showing them one.
"Yeah can I have one?" Edna asks.
"No, you see these hold a great power from a race known as the chaos it is my job to protect them." Rage explanes.
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