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Streaming now

I posted this here and not int he stream announcement for the specifications for this stream.

So. If you're interested in getting a sketch stream commision from me, right now it's the time.

Send me a note (or if you have me on any of my IM services, tell me over there XD) So i can send you the watchtail address and the room's password so you can join (sorry, but Watchtail has a limited room for users, so I can admit 4 users in a row). If I give you the info and the room is full, please check every 10-15 mins to see if the room got one slot empty.

Please log in only if you're interested in getting one of the sketch stream commisions.


Each sketch commision is 30 usdwith 2 characters. Add +10 usd per extra character. If you want me to give them some more detail We'll discuss the pricing. There's not gonna be a background unless I feel like the pic needs it.

You request me the sketch in the chat of the streaming window. After I agree with you, you pay in advance. After the payment went through, I'll start your sketch.

You can take as much sketches as you want while I'm available. I shall not draw certain stuff, like Vore, Gore, Express violence, human cubstuff, birds and some fishes(sorry, nothing against them, I just am not too skilled to do them).

Further situations might be talked.

Payment methods:

Paypal - In your note letting me know you're interested let me know if you'd need to pay via paypal so I can send you my friend's paypal address. (a friend of mine's helping me out with his addy since I don't have my own paypal address)

Alertpay - In your note let me know that you'll be using alertpay, so I can give you my alertpay.com user addy.

Xoom.com - (check http://www.xoom.com ). In your note let me know you'd be using xoom.com. For xoom.com users, please choose how many sketches you'll want first because of the transfer fee, if you get more than one sketch in one payment you'll get charged a lot less. I shall give you the neccesary info for you to send me money via Xoom.com in reply.

Western Union - (check http://www.westernunion.com). In the case you'd dare to use western union XD, let me know and I'll send you the info you need. The same from xoom.com goes here, if you're gonna get more than one sketch pay for all of them in advance to sock as much of the transfer fees as possible.

Once the payment has went through (once my friend confirms he got the paypal balance okay, I got the notification of the funds on alertpay, the notification on xoom.com or the MTCN verified on Western union) I'll proceed to draw your sketch.

This is made for me to get closer to gather the god damned car fixed (yes, again...). I need to get arround 500 bucks. There's no way I could come up with that ammount of money myself, so... That's why I'm recurring to you guys.

Thank you in advance. I really need that car, and... Well... Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.
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