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Fun Duke Nukem references found so far

First Level:
Duke Nukem Takes Forever - The game starts with duke pissing and saying " This is taking forever. Time to stop pissing around and get this big boy back into action "
What's Step 3 - Umm I don't really remember the right dialogue here but it goes something like this Soldier 1: Step1 Team 1 goes in first. Step 2 Then team 2 flanks. ( yeah bad memory there was too occupied staring at operation cock block ) Soldier 2: Ummm... Step 3 Profit?
Second Level:
Duke Museum - A homage to first 2D Duke games
Red Keycard - When you kill the first alien and try to go trough the door the computer voice says " Red keycard required to open the door " Duke: " Red keycard? I don't need no damn keycard " an obvious Doom reference.
Third Level:
Power Armor - As you exit the building you find a soldier who says " We have your green power armor right here sir " Duke: " Power armors are for pussies " and as you look into van you can see master chief armor in there which is some lovely Halo bashing
LEEEEROY JENKIIIINS!!! - As you continue in the level Jenkins will run off and get killed by a alien space ship and Duke says " Dammit Leeroy. " which is a World of Warcraft ref
Fourth Level:
Two For Price Of One: As you go trough the hive you can find a spot you can crawl under and as you go trough it you'll see a decapitated soldier at which Duke says " That's one dead space marine " which is a ref to Warhammer 40K and as you look at the body you can see it's wearing the engineer suit from Dead Space.
Tentacle Fun - When you kill a Octabrain Duke says " Go back to Japan you freak "

So far the game has been fun. Made me laugh lots of times. Yeah it captures Duke's ego. I like it.
If I find any more I'll share XD
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
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