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Full day of fire

Dear Diary
Mood: Pleased.
Listening to: Fireflies  (Owl City)
Location: Bedroom

Today was a pretty good day. Set my little brother on fire using only three Q-Tips, a spatula, and half a bottle of raspberry jam. He was PISSED. Sheesh, you'd think for being such a genius he'd be a little more appreciative of new inventive ways of starting a fire. Oh well, can't please everybody.

I finished another Sodoku book last night. I added it to my collection, and all and all, that makes ninety eight. a horrible number. So close to one hundred, and yet so far away. Since my birthday is coming up -the 25th, I figure I'll get plenty to keep myself occupied. In the mean time I'll just play some old video games or something. Maybe I'll go out instead. It's been almost a week since I've seen Rush. He's my pseudo on again off again boyfriend. Sorta. Kinda. I don't know yet. I haven't decided. I think he's cute, but at the same time I hear he gets around town. I mean, it's not like I don't,  but supposedly he's got like, seven kids or something. Hahaha, forget that noise. He stuffs me full of kids and I'm tearing off his skin and rolling him around in salt!

Anyway tonight might be good to get out of the house anyway. Cal asked me if I could do some quick calculations for the rocket fuel he was pouring into his new robot, and I forgot to move the decimal point over and carry the one. In my defense I was playing Bejeweled on my Cell Phone and wasn't paying attention so it really wasn't my fault to begin with. Anyway, the end of the story is, I put what I could find of Cal into a box, and then took that box to the hospital.  
Mom will not be thrilled.
On the plus side, we DID get to test the new fire extinguishers in the lab. They are gone now...along with most of the lab...and lower levels of the house... but accidents happen and we all learn something in the end. That's the way I choose to remember this event, at least.  Speaking of which, I wonder if the insurance adjuster will come to our Christmas party this year. Every time dad calls him, he just cries.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna head out for a while. Take a walk...maybe get some insight. Let mom cool off when she gets home and finds the charred remains of her children... and house. Come to think of it, it's been a full day of fire. Like I mean a lot of fire.
I mean a LOT of fire.


oooo  look at it burn...o.o
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8 years, 9 months ago
8 years, 9 months ago
hmmm, must revaluate a few things...
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