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Opening up for limited commissions

Ok, as most of you guys already know, the roomie (journal in question can be found here:  https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2422531/  ), just fucked everyone in the house royally. Well, I just got off the phone with the ISP/Cable provider and have managed to get a 1 week extension on the past due amount. I am proposing accepting donations and will most likely accept limited story commissions. If I do take a few story commissions, I am going to take commissions converting written RPs over to story format. Here is a small example of what I am currently working on.

Of Fire and Ice

Written by: Ainoko Ironrose
Inspired by: Moonlight Jackal's RP

Few people had ever had the courage and ambition to visit the kingdom of Fensal, a country so far up north that it was
sometimes spoken of as the 'roof of the world'. Fensal was a land of nigh-eternal snow and ice, a land of adventures and
mysteries as well as the old legends of the Norse gods. Those who braved the storms and the cold of Fensal and reached the
capital of Folkwang, the only larger town in the entire kingdom, were sure to experience the rustic friendliness and
hospitality of its residents, rarely finding a door closed to those who seeked refuge from the cold, ever present wind. The
more lucky travelers that came at the right time would sometimes even be invited to the King's castle to take part in one
of the many feasts that were held on special occasions every year.

One of these festivals was always held during the Winter
Solstice, a day that was approaching rapidly once again...


“BY ALL THAT’S HOLY, HOW I HATE HIM!” Shouted the young prince as he stormed into his private quarters before slamming the door behind him. His older brother, to be precise, his older half-brother had put great effort into making his life a living hell ever since they were cubs. His brother, like their father, was an arctic wolf of impressive physical structure, he was a perfect example of masculine strength and pride. He on the other paw, being a hybrid, bore many of his mother’s vulpine traits. It wasn’t that he was unattractive, he was far from it, his features were graceful, rivaling those of the most beautiful females in the Kingdom. Due to his small stature, he was more often than not the main target of his brother’s constant mocking and derision.

“This place is making me sick, I need some fresh air.” He snarled to himself as he reached into his closet to grab a thickly lined robe to protect himself from the cold outside before exiting his room again. Shortly afterwards, he found himself wandering though the castle corridors heading towards the main gate. Giving a curt nod to the guards as they saluted their prince, he padded away from the castle in the crisp evening air towards the bustling city.

Soon, the prince was strolling through the streets of Folkwang, taking note of the many preparations that were in progress for the Winter Solstice in two days. ‘Surely there will be some interesting travelers here again this year.’ He whispered to himself, ‘I’ll need to keep an eye out for such a person.’ Lost in thought and without a real goal as to where he was heading, the young prince continued deeper into the town happy far as long as he was able to stay away from the castle and his brother.

I will be charging anywhere between $25 - $75 depending on the complexity and length of the written RP.  

I am needing to raise $200.00 to get the Net/Cable back on.

Any takers?

Just as a side note, I can say that it will take 8-10 weeks depending on the complexity and length of the rp


Donations appreciated, commissions welcome and desired. The first few will have to be paid up front as I am needing to get the net back up ASAP for school.

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