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A profound double loss

I mentioned earlier that I was having issues with sick pets, and then with a very ill family member. Well, the worst has finally come to pass. In the last 24 hours, both my mother and my dog have died. Their deaths were a mere 8 hours apart.

Mom lived over a thousand miles from me, but I got to see Mom before she died, just a few weeks back. We had our talk and said our goodbyes, both knowing she could pass on at any time, and that this was almost certainly our last meeting in this lifetime. She had a long and happy life, and I can't say I have any regrets on her behalf, other than that I will miss her terribly. She is with her maker now, and free of the constraints of an aging, failing body. I shall celebrate her memory, and her accomplishments as one of the best examples of a loving and successful mother that I have ever known.

My dog also had a long and happy life. He was my daily companion for just over ten years, rarely leaving my side, even as I worked. He was recently diagnosed by his vet as terminally and incurably ill with a form of cancer, and given only a few more days to live, and three more weeks at best. With lots of love and TLC from my mate and I, he managed to live over two months more, surrounded by his loving family. Last night, I saw in his eyes that his time had come. I said goodbye to him, and told him that is he had reached his limit, it was okay for him to leave us, and cross the Rainbow Bridge, where he could wait for us with our other much loved animal family members. He didn't have the strength to join us in his usual spot on the bedroom floor, and instead laid in the kitchen. About midnight I awoke, and knew something had changed. I went to him, and found that he had passed on.

To say that this double loss, and the dread and anticipation leading up to it, has had a profound effect on me, is to put it mildly. Love of one's mother and love for a beloved animal companion are very different things, but both can reach deep into our souls. It will take time for me to overcome this double loss, and regain my creative spark. If I am silent for a time, that is why.

But I will recover, and life will go on. Both my Mom and my Dog would have expected nothing less from me.
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
snuggles and holds close trying to comfort him
8 years ago
I'm sad to hear that I lost my grandfather some time ago also I lost my last fighting fish some day's ago
8 years ago
It sucks to loss the ones we love
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