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Frostcat Rant - The Terrible Threesome

You know, I'm been trying my best to be the better fur about this.  But I feel this needs to be posted, otherwise this will bug the hell out of me in the long run.  And the same time, I really wish I could post this to FA so that they can understand how I feel about this subject.

It baffles me to all hell that for some retarded reason people, fellow furs included, have got to put out their two cents on something that they don't like because they are way to cool, or so mature and better then to be a part of something, or against their moral code.  Any stupid excuse by that matter.  I swear, any more useless negativity and they will be no better that freakin Westboro.  And I mean that.  So I'm going to list them from old to new.

Our first of the Terrible Three is an old time classic that predates to the early nineties.  Back in the day to where the Internet didn't exist and to where all fans just gather around the freely imagine to be a part of the action.  Yes, I'm talking about Sonic the Hedgehog.  Ever since that blue bastard hit the genesis, people were in awe because of the fast pace gaming instead of slowly hopping over pipes and mushrooms and saving the same princess who secretly wanted some reptile action for the umpteenth time.  Fans wanted to become part of that universe. So weather it's the price of being a simple recolor or becoming the most original fan-character, a fan is a fan IS A FAN and I don't mean the ones that cools you off during the summer heat.

The second of the Terrible Three seems to have slowly settle down finally, but I still read 'whispers' about the issue.  Now granted there are people, furs included, out there that want to be in touch with their innocence and youth.  Others have certain conditions that they have no choice but to dawn certain material.  But at the same time, most of them want to combine their innocence of who they are with adult activities.  This brings it all down to Cub Art.  Now granted, I love this site that accepts everything but also have a limit on what certain things to post that is not art related.  Yet this is the reason why I wanted to post this to FA to let them know how retarded that old age step was.  Unfortunately, there are some members here that aren't keen with adult cub art.  I can understand moral values and all, but it still applies to the fact that it's artwork.  I'm pretty sure that there is not a form of art out there that takes over a person's mind and go "must....rape....CHILDREN!!!!"  And yes, those that have common sense are not going to do that for real unless they want to spend their life in jail or sentenced to death.

The third and final subject of the Terrible Three has literally swept the entire net-nation if not the world. In only a few months, the fever began to spread.  Now it has gotten so big that even the best of all that is cool, myself included, fell under this madness.  This subject is none other than My Little Pony.  As a kid growing up with awesome cartoons and way past cool video games, My Little Pony was WAY to girly for my taste.  The commercials were so magically wonderful that I was ready to gag.  I will admit though, the pony craze of today did tickle my curiosity when I've seen Sonic, 0r0ch1, Renard_V, and other badass characters getting involved with something overly cute to the point where some of them made pony versions of themselves.  Of course there are a lot of naysayers that refuse to even look at or bitch to the heavens that either they are too cool, too macho, or that it's not like the original to where it's nothing but ponies in a garden with ribbons or clouds with halos and harps.  I'll let you in on a secret.  If you say it's too stupid, too random, and beyond pointless to where it was not like the good ol' days, then Lauren Faust did her job.  

The cartoons back then were always action packed.  Serious, cool, and awesome characters beating the bad guys and saving the day with a few corny jokes and laughter on the side.  Then all of a sudden you have Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Freakazoid, Rocko, Angry Beavers, Earthworm Jim, etc.  Most of those shows were stupid, crazy, and pointless to where it didn't make sense at all.  Yet they were a major hit right?  And let's face it.  What are the cartoons today made of?  "We're the children of the super hero team." (Original. They had another show like that called Krypto)  "We're disproportionate characters with an retarded voice doing stupid stuff that's not even funny."  "We look like an anime to be all cool but have the same copy and paste stories of the original anime"  Seriously, most of today's cartoons suck and aren't worth watching.  But today's MLP brings that zaniness that we all love to enjoy back into our hearts.

With the Terrible Three explained, I really don't fully see the true meaning of the useless hatred that other furs and hard-ass everyday people continue to give. "It's too simplistic to draw."  "It's all cut and paste."  "You cub lovers are sick."  "It's not the same."  The same old record track keeps playing over and over and over and over again. And it's like every time that I, or someone else, mentions those three things it's like I'm some sort of recruit...no.  It seems like were perverted bible thumpers forcing you to like the things we like....no, better yet.... It seems like we're doing THIS to you

Even though I'm annoyed at the pointless bitching lurks and still going around, I can't help but laugh within myself for one simple fact.  People have thing thing called imagination.  You see, if there's something that we like so much that we can create a fan base around it and support it, it cause that something to continue on.  So as long as there's people that enjoy what they see and support it for them to continue, then I really don't think they're going to disappear any time soon.  As long as there's a fan character out there, Sonic and My Little Pony will never die.  And as long as we furs continue to watch, save, draw, and pay for cub art, I really don't see them going away either.  So to represent The Terrible Three.  This like is the perfect "Haters gonna hate" song out there.


*The best just admit it.  Can't live without me so you gotta live with it.*

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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
*hugs* Everyone knows I've tried to come to grips with fa (I can't even bring myself to capitalize fa after all their fucking garbage). They showed me, you and a ton of other furs what they represent, and that's hypocrisy. I'd say more, but I'd most likely get more knives thrown in my back.

fa is toast. Burnt toast. And who wants to eat that? :P
8 years ago
8 years ago
Be on the lookout for a guy in a red bandanna at AC. ^^ He's wolfy. :P
8 years ago
Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! I had an ENTIRE responce written out, and my internet hiccuped upon pressing "add Comment"! DAMMIT!!! Arrrg!

Anyway, jist of it all was me agreeing and arguing along side you xD

oh and this

*huggles a kitteh* HIYA FROST!!!!!!! =D
8 years ago
I have to admit, the MLP phenomenon has really been pervasive; even those not directly exposed to the episodes find themselves being influenced.

I don't even watch Hub, and yet this happened: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=107559
8 years ago
You should be able to fave journal entries XD. I really wish people in general would just chill the fuck out about things that don't affect them at all. I never understand why people make it their business to butt in and post nasty comments on submissions or that kind of thing. If they don't like it, no one's forcing them to look at it in the first place, honestly.
8 years ago
Mes Bes Honest Mes Didnuh Gets Mosta Dats. =P
Buh Ifs Mes Coulds Watchies Its Mes Pwolly  Woulds Bes Intos Dats My Little Pony Tingy Tos, Heys Mes Likes Da Owiginals Whys Nuh Wights.


Plush Dish Mew My Wittle Pony Weminds Mes Shows Mush Ofs Power Puff Girls I's Loved Power Puff Girls
I's Jus Likes Shillyness And Its Sheems Shilly Nuffs Fur Mes. =^-^.=
8 years ago
It's basically me getting annoyed at people simply judging over something that furs like.  To them:

Sonic = Simple and unoriginal fans that eat, sleep, and drink all Sonic and goes crazy if anyone opposes.
Cub Art = pedophile fan boys who secretly do it IRL
My Little Pony = People who fall for something so simple and totally different that doesn't deserve any fame.

It's a shame that some people can assume another person fully on what they like with those simple facts alone.  

Other than that, yes, Power Puff Girls are awesome too =^_^=

8 years ago
I can agree with your Rant on all this stuff. Imaginations is one thing and its not bad to be open-minded to other like MLP and stuff. I mean. really. Furs or human base whatever. i mean you still have Pokemon fanatics, Digimon, and alot of the old stuff. People will make stuff. doesn't make anyone feel bad its whatever.  Nice Arguement and Logic In your rant.
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