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Leporidae Magia stuff

Hey! Umm... I decided to post these character drawings up to DA/FA/IB since i'm lacking in new submitions due to being busy or being a lazy butt.

I am writing this as an extension to the submitions I put up and do not want to length up the description boxes.

So here are some fun facts:

 - This is originally a script-writing project for the script-class, and asks us students to write 25 pages to fill for the "1st act".
 - "Leporidae Magia"'s title is also done last minute. I'm not very good with story titles.
 - LM's story was done "last minute", so I do not have an idea on what Gabriel's backstory is like.
 - The character art was done for Motion Graphics class.
 - The style of the artwork came from Gainax's "Panty and Stocking" anime/western-mock-up series, because I love it and it's quicker. (I do not want to focus on shading!)
 - Gabriel's design takes a few years back before the "Golden Masquerade" game. (That's why he does not have his eyepatch yet!)
 - I want crossover Mammi in this. But since she's not mine, I have to come up with a new character.
 - Gabriel's sensei/teacher, "Mahou-Sensei" was inspired by "Dai-sensei" from "Kore wa Zombie desu ka?". I love her cute and calm personality, even for a cute little mahou-shoujo teacher.
 - ...and I can't think of other facts. If I remember any other facts for my rusty WIP project, i'll make an update.

Also, I do have a few other projects that I want to touch them someday if (again) i'm not a lazy butt:

 - "Fairy Tail", fantasy ver. of the furry hatred war
 - "Mahou Shoujo Sweetcream Magica" fanfiction
 - Fixing up direction sheet for "Golden Masquerade" and re-release it to The Game Crafter.

Anyway, I think this is it for a journal bump.

 - Timer Rabbit
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