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my avatar

i only have a hazy memory of why i made my avatar some green angular gradients (seroiusly, that's what i put down as my "species" on one site – green angular gradients).

i first made it, i think, when i needed an avatar for the william gibson board. not a furry site, obviously, and really, i wasn't that much of a furry at the time anyway. as i remember it (which might not be at all accurate now), i was just playing around in photoshop to see if could come up with something cool and unique for an avatar. i think the green and black was in reference to really old monochrome computer monitors, which i sort of felt was william gibson-y.

(william gibson never wrote his novels on a green monochrome monitor, as far as i know. he wrote on a typewriter, and then he bought a mac actually it was an apple IIc, which probably did have a green monitor. anyway. i was probably more influenced by the first the matrix film, which, in turn, was somewhat influenced by william gibson.)

i don't think the avatar was animated at first, but it was probably soon after. i wanted something unobtrusive – dare i say tasteful? – that didn't scream "look at me" constantly. just something little that would make you go "woah, it's moving."

so when i joined other websites, the avatar would come with me. and when you could make personalized user pages over at y!gallery, i thought it was fun to go the whole hog with the green gradients.

i never did get around to make a fursona – i'm mostly here for the porn, not the lifestyle. on y!gallery i put the lion from the first furry picture i made in the header – it was too boring otherwise – but bob the lion was never my fursona, he's just a character. if i were to create a fursona, it would probably be a tiger, rather.

i haven't changed from the green avatar because as little as i interact with the fandom, it's nice to have a recognizable and constant image that people can remember me by, even if it was ages since my last comment.
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