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Where is the Line? Postulation of MLP:FIM

Question. When does fan service become pandering?

I ask this because honestly, the last few months thing My Little Pony incarnation has been pestering me like a flock of ravenous mosquitoes.

The things that originally bothered me about the series were that the characters didn't much look like ponies, so much as hoofed dogs. In my mind, it's like the didn't even try. It's akin to saying that a scribble of orange crayon represents an elephant. The other original thing that bothered me about it was that it's Flash animation. Generally there's nothign wrong with Flash when it's on a computer and I can check out animations on NewGrounds and other such sites, but the application of Flash for a television show comes off as being cheap, and coupled up with the fact that one of Hasbro's biggest moneymakers in it's history has been the My Little Pony franchise. It comes across as beating a dead horse, or pony, if you will. And lastly, the stories from the few episodes I managed to watch, just come across as shallow perhaps? But you could argue that all modern American animation is like that. And to that, I answer, "That's why I don't watch American animation."

But then more things started to bother me.

Mostly the terrific amount of fan-art being posted to FurAffinity, InkBunny, and e621. Thankfully, InkBunny and e621 have filtering possibilities, so I can manage to keep that irritation out of my life. FurAffinity, bring what it is, and run by who it is, used to deliver it by the ponycart full daily. Luckily thought, interest was calming down.

And then there starts the fan service/pandering. Male fans of the show called themselves Bronies. And so bronies got worked into the series. As well as a character called Derpy. Now while it's good for a business to listen to it's customers/patrons/supporters/fans, at what point does it go from using ideas from fans to just making what they want in hopes they keep buying the product or service?

This is the part I don;t understand.

But to put things into perspective, I like Glee. I know it's shallow at times, and over-simplified when it comes to some issues. And more often than not the Gleeks (much like Bronies) have been influencing lingo and situations, most notably the Couplings (IE: Puckleberry, Finchel, Klaine,and Lauck). I kind of got a little tired of liking it. It's got a good story over all, and I do like Sue Sylvester as a character, but I'm not a rabid fan, and those kinds oif fans/fanatics kind of turn me off.

In the case of the newest incarnation of Ponies, the fanatics turned me off so much earlier than anything else.

So I find myself hoping every day that this fad dies down as well as wondering when people believe that fan service has become shameless pandering for money.
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Added: 7 years, 8 months ago
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