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May lose ability to do art...

Paypal: Tigerwolf.2@gmail.com
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I talked in an earlier journal about the MRI I was going to have and why. Well, due to the way I carry my weight (I'm 433 lbs, mostly because my spinal condition causes me to be unable to exercise at all, but I don't LOOK that big - except in my stomach, which sticks out a bit), I wasn't able to fit into the open MRI yesterday, either. It was a matter of a quarter of an inch, so I'm very annoyed at that.

The MRI is being performed to diagnose the numbness I've been having in my hands. It's been getting worse for months - some days I can't raise my hands to a keyboard, even, without losing feeling and grip in both thumbs and index fingers. If I don't drop my hands to my sides within a few moments of noticing the numbness, it spreads to the rest of my hand.

The result is that I can't grip - anything. I can't use a mouse, I certainly can't hold my tablet pen to draw and work on art. The doctors think that this is nerve damage from my degenerative disc disease, but there's also a possibility that it's a strange form of carpal tunnel.

I have one more option as far as getting an MRI is concerned. There is a "sitting MRI" up in LA that I am going to go to. However, the rub is that what little, county provided insurance I have, doesn't cover this place. Each MRI (I need 2) is going to be about $505, for a total of $1010. And it needs to be paid up front.

Needless to say, I...don't have that money. Because the doctors are forced to go through certain sequences for legal reasons, we can't start testing/treating for carpal tunnel until the nerve damage has been ruled out. The only way to do it is via an MRI.

You all know I hate begging for help, no matter how many times I've done it. But I know you're all incredible people who have come through for me before...I beg you to please, please come through for me one more time. I don't want to lose my ability to art. And the longer this goes being undiagnosed, the worse this might possibly get.

If it IS nerve damage...I don't know what I'm going to do. Hopefully there's some option my doctor hasn't spoken to me about, something that can be done to help me retain the use of my hands long term. But right now I'm hoping the MRI shows no nerve damage, and that I can be treated for carpal tunnel.

But before I can even get the diagnosis, I need to get this money together, and I need to do it quickly. The numbness is coming on faster and more frequently every day. It's taken me the better part of several hours to type this out as a result.

Please, if there's anything at all you can do...I beg you, please donate. I can't even offer art in exchange, since I don't even know if I CAN art, and I'm seriously considering closing my commissions after I finish the one I currently have due to this medical problem.

Please...I need help. I need hope.

Paypal: Tigerwolf.2@gmail.com
Dwolla: Tygerwolfe@gmail.com
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Added: 5 years, 3 months ago
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