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something worng with dead space 2 (rant, beware!)

k fir all of you that play it, have any of you noticed that when your a human an your supposed to get an item for the main objective but when you get to it it disappears! twice thats happen to me! as a human im supposed to get an main objective an teh damn thing just up and disappears!! we were stuck wondering what the fuk just happen!?!?! and another thing that pisses me off is theres no boundary between a newb an a old fag! i mean im barley lv 17 an im practicably getting the gun shoved up my ass by a group of lv 60!!! 60 is the highest you can go!! there should be some kinda barrier to prevent that! added to that either im soo good or my net sucks that baldly but theres a restriction on my game!! some kinda NAT: strict on there an it kicks me after one round!
now this part is just what kills me! im always stuck with the pensions that dont know any better!!! i RARELY get to play with those that know what there doing!! im the one who hasta do all the objectives for every one while im getting ass raped by the necromorphs!! i swear! i can actually count several times where im the only idiot standing there trying to open the objective an i got the monsters practically raping me there!! shit any more an id be the one buying THEM dinner!!! ive got like twice the times of deaths then kills!
heres a hint: STAY TOGETHER!!! i cant tell you how easy it is for them to gang up on a stray human! in the few times an i do mean the very RARE times when they actually stay together IM STILL THE ONE WHO GETS TO ALL THE OBJECTIVES FIRST AN FINISHES THEM!!!! i dono if its just me or am in like the little death rabbit that every one kills yet is the only one who can actually get the objectives done? if there's any one experiencing this same issue PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! so that i know im not the only one!!
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Added: 7 years, 8 months ago
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