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A Question to Friends + Possible Gallery Changes

Hiya peoples!

For those of you unaware, lately as I've been continuing my never ending job searching, I've been building up an online portfolio to share with others and help get my name out more little by little. You can find it here: http://www.ammonillustration.com/Home.html

I have a separate page for fan arts (many Sonic related, of course), and have shared quite a few of my personal best. Now here's my question: To you friends/watchers in the past whose OCs and FCs I've drawn before, would any of you be willing to grant me permission to share said pics on my portfolio site as well? Proper ownership credit will be given of course. Just wanted to see who'd be OK with this idea in order to increase what I'd share with the world. ^_^ So feel free to say 'Yes' or 'No'.

Next up, I've given ta little something some thought, and could use some opinions on the subject. So I've got regular postings on 3-4 sites now; DA FA and IB being the most active, and have been thinking about the 'content variety' as of late. I've been considering maybe using DA as my most active posting place seeing it as the HIGH percentage of my works are those for all ages, and only save my on occasion mature works only for FA and IB.

Now I already usually just use FA and IB for more mature postings as it is, but this decision would make it so I'd stop sharing my 'Rated E for Everyone' pieces on both sites altogether and only have them on DA.  Which also includes my fan comic series which I REALLY need to get back to sometime...  Let's face it, FA and IB are mostly interesting for mature art fans anyway. You know it, I know it, and everyone knows it. Not finding fault with it by any means, just stating the completely obvious truth. ^_^

So that means those I know on DA who are fans of my more mature work (shown there very little as is) would have to follow me only on FA or IB if they wish to see them or future ones. And those around FA and IB would have to follow me on DA for the VAST MAJORITY of what I dish out.

Now I ask YOU people, does that sound like an idea worth going with or not? In the grand scheme of things, it just makes each site I'm on different by content and effects the number of my regular postings. Plus forces whoever watches me on each site to possibly follow me elsewhere. So what say you folks? Go with that or not?

Let it be known that I'd REEEEEEAAAALLY appreciate feedback to both subjects above. I may not often get the answers I hope for, but this time I believe your thoughts and opinions would REALLY help. So there ya have it!

Until then, Peace!
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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
5 years, 6 months ago
I don't mind, you can put your content where you would like.  As long as you stay active here, I'm ok with what you do..
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