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Contradictions at work

I find it odd and somewhat funny when I hear fellow furs complain about how regular people and the media peg us as sexual deviants and freaks, yet they go into hiding and even get pissed off whenever someone within the fandom tries to shed some light on us and explain things.  What is the deal here?  You whiners don't want to be labeled as freaks of society, yet you throw a bitch fit when a person tries to give info about us?  That my friends is what you call a contradiction, and a contradicition is were a thing or action is the exact opposite of another thing or action.  As far as I know, there are two major contradicitions within the fandom itself.

Furry and sex
It is said that only a small portion (roughly 30%) of the fandom is sexual, while the rest are just good clean folks.  Even if this is the case, sexual media in the fandom is viewed more times than clean media.  This info comes from the fact that media in the fur fandom that contains sexual content have more favorites and pageviews than media that doesn't have sexual content in it at all.  Also, sexual media seems to be produced more than non-sexual media.  To say that sex only makes up roughly 30% of the fandom really seems contradictory when compaired to the constant click faps we do and the sheer number of sexual media produced...

Also, despite trying to say we're the opposite, furry sexual media and sexual toys are sold to the masses in pretty public venues like conventions.  Even though these things are kept in closed off "dealer's dens", the genral public is still pretty much aware of them and at times see them.

the open secret
We furs are a pretty public and social group.  We hold all kinds of meets, and take part in conventions that span the globe.  So its not very hard to not go unnoticed.  Also thanks to the magic of the internet, the lifestyle of the fur can be examined by the public.  Yet despite all the publicity we have made for ourselves, we try hard to hide the unsavory about us away despite the fact the public has already got a glimpse of it.  This type of action makes people question what we do, with the speculations becoming ever increasing as we try to play dumb and pull a Nixon.  The unsavory of us (the sexual media, yiffy fursuits; and sex toys) has already been seen, yet we deny it exists.
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