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Land ownership question...

So a classmate and I were talking and somehow, as always, the topic ended up about some form or fassion of government issues. Anyway we ended up talking about Hawaii and its rediculous poverty rates, govt dependency rates, and other stuff like high taxes on property and anti-2nd amendment... on and on etc. So I was wondering what anyone here thought specifically about his property rights point of view. He stated, and I'm paraphrasing, that if somone owns land and isn't doing anything with it then the govt should be able to tax it for how it could be used or take it and use it as they want etc. I argued that an individuals right to own property outweighs, or should at least, the prospective possibilities of what others could do with it. And my basis is that once you start negating property rights, be it intelectual or physical, incentive to be productive toward society or at minimum incentive to work and buy land to do whatever is dead.
It's hard for me to put into words what and how I feal about such things as, not so much as property right etc, but the principles behind them in that if one doesn't have the fundemental rights as ownership then teqnicaly aren't you a victim to those who are enforcing such ideology? Isn't it extortion to say you can't do this or have that unless you pay me? As far as this principle applies to govt I under stand taxes to run govt, defend the country, maintain roads, and stuff we willingly partake in. I understand that taxation of transaction is necessary but is taxation of ownership? That one may not live other than homelessly unless one pays the elite few who prey on society? And while I'm on that topic, see how much I digress?, I'd like to think I'm not the only one who feals this way... but how is it we are fooled into this left vs. right fake debate about who rules over us? How is it that two groups of elitest have worked together, giving us horrible choices to choose from (elections), work toward the same utopian goals, and yet we think they're different? How is it that we've been tricked into a mentality that individualism and self sufficiency is bad and that we have to take part in society and that living independent from the masses is socially outlawed? Should we not have free will, rights to own things, defend ourselves, work to gain a standard of living that WE WOULD LIKE instead of the percieved minimum standard of living like, electricity, cell phones, computers, cars, (you get the point)? How is it that we've become accustomed to using emotion to dictate action? That because we're scared or don't understand something it should be outlawed or that because it sounds nice and feals good it should be forced on society and taxed for?
How is it that society should force me to live a certain way when I don't want to or extort me with threats of jail and fines just to have a home?
How is it that people want the freedom to live the way they want to but I can't live how I want to?
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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
5 years, 5 months ago
The gov't can already take your property away, all they have to do is claim that it was being used for drug trafficking and they can take just about anything from you, "legally" too. The USA gov't is so overly big now that it's not taking queues from it's citizens, it's making it's own choices now, or worse yet it's allowing itself to be ("legally") bribed which means they're not representing the people. Gov't representatives are representing themselves and those who give the most "campaign contributions" (bribes). This is very quickly turning into class warfare, the 'haves' vs the 'have nots', and the 'haves' are going to win at this rate. We need to get money out of politics so these gov't officials are representing the people once again and are focused on doing their job rather than spending half their time fundraising for their next election.

Every time you buy anything you're already paying a percentage in taxes to own it, so we're already paying someone to own something. But it's much worse than that, because we're taxed in every thing we do. We get taxed when we work & make money, we get taxed when we play & spend money, we get taxed for owning property (house/car/etc), we get taxed when we buy & sell that property, we even get taxed after we die & whatever wealth remains in our name is taxed before it's given to the person(s) you listed in your will. The US tax code is overly complex, the taxes don't make sense because they simply lump taxes into a general percentage on everything you buy. Sometimes the taxes are more focused and directed, like how they tax cigs more than they do other things due to the negative side effects that they cause. Someone has to pay for all the people who can't afford fixing the health issues they're putting on themselves, might as well penalize the thing that is the main cause. In other words, if a governing body needs funds related to automotive then they'll increase taxes on automotive related things like licenses, tabs, gasoline, and other automotive consumables (oil, tires, windshield wipers, etc).

I'll have to end my reply there, apologies, in a hurry to get out to Rainfurrest. I'll check back next week when I get home. =3
5 years, 5 months ago
You just stated in a couple of paragraphs everything the Tea Party is fighting to stop. Which is why the dems and reps (other than the Paul, Lee, Rubio, and Cruz quartet) are so against them. Maybe people will wake up. Hopefully it'll be before a civil war is necessary, which could turn out like the hunger games.
Have fun at Rainfurrest! Sounds awesome.
5 years, 5 months ago
I hope things get better, but usually they get worse first.

Thanks, I had a great time. =3
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