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Some Elucidation On The Previous Journal...

Just a few of the sneakier statistics clarified. Maths is certainly not my strong point, so I might bugger this up, but take a look.

"... When you find out that 30% of students are drinking, 32.1% of those are "binge drinking" (seriously, that makes me laugh) and 4% of those are "binge drinking" regularly, you need to understand that this is a small number."

> As in roughly 0.38% of respondents. Seriously. Remember this is with them defining binge drinking as "5 or more drinks in a sitting".

"... Which also showed that about 37 per cent of drinkers had their first drink between the ages of six and 11 (so 37% of 54% of 46% said they had their first drink between those ages. Time to panic!)."

> Roughly 9%, going with the generous assumption of 46%. Roughly 6% going with the "30%" they toss out earlier. So that's 6% of respondents having had their first drink between the ages of 6 and 11... but making no mention of whether or not that resulted in their drinking regularly. This is no small beer... pun intended.

Just a brief taste of the sorts of crap you can expect to face whenever sensationalist newspapers try to over-hype statistics to make you nice and afraid. Think about how many people 0.38% of all American Middle and High School students actually is.

I'll be blunt here. It's not statistically relevant. This is something more people need to understand.
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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
yeah statistics tend to be abused in this manner often through the omission (so it's not technically lying) of certain details you need to establish the whole context. call me out if im remembering this wrong, but wasnt there an investigation into "under 18 fatalities linked to drunk driving?" and it neglected to mention how often the minor was the victim not the driver?
7 years, 10 months ago
Correct, there was. MADD's cited studies in particular would include under-18 pedestrians who were hit by adult drunk drivers.

I must confess that I'm curious about your comment. I accidentally clicked your name instead of your comment and was taken to your profile page, where I saw this is the only comment your account has made since its very recent creation. Not being suspicious or anything, but just curious - do I know you from somewhere?
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