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Contestu >< Read If You Still Want Entry

Writing Contest! Only one person actually wrote an entry. So, here's what I decided... I'm extending the deadline to accomodate to people's schedules. New deadline: Thanksgiving. WAY off, so that should give people a decent 2 months if they want to enter.

COKE IS AWESOME!!! But the only thing they have is Pepsi on campus. So if I want a can of coke, I must take a bus ride to the nearest food selling place and purchase coke myself. Anyways... Time for updates on my life!

So, as some of you know and some don't, I went to an open interview for the local PetCo. Unfortunately... There were like 9 people there for the 5 positions opened, and two were certified dog groomers / trainers. So... My chances aren't the best ^^; But, I applied, and I'm going through with it. And, if I don't get that job, there's the TGI Fridays nearby hiring. And the Dick's. And the Stop and Shop. And the Wendy's. I'm not looking for fabulous work. I'm looking for $. Something that pays more than my last job XD

Also... I feel SOOOOOO relaxed compared to life at home, but stressed out still. Cause already I've got quizzes and tests, lab reports to do, essays and journals to do, and commissions and requests owed. I really do plan to get them done ^^; I swear.

As well, ever watch Adventure Time? I think its a great show. At the beginning, though, it started out as a fun show about a boy and his dog adventuring in a made-up world, and somewhere along the line, it evolved to a story about a post-apocalyptic world and a battle between the ultimate good and evil, where many of the characters have complicated and sometimes tragic backstories. ... What happened? ^^; I mean, I like it, but it got so dark.

Okay. So... The other night, I had a nightmare that I kind of repressed but remembered snippets of yesterday and today... I think it had something to do with some wiccan or pagan people, some cult/religion that deals with magic and has a star symbol, and they cursed me somehow... I remember intense fear, and thinking about it also makes me afraid... I think I should avoid using magic in RPs and in art for a while...

On a lighter note... I thought I got everything I needed. Turns out I forgot basic school supplies like... More than one pencil, a stapler, and other small things one could easily forget. I thought I took care of everything. Guess not. Well... After dinner, I'm off to buy a stapler and a couple other things.

Well... Gotta go now. To get dinner and buy a stapler :3 Goodbye.

P.S.: I REALLY hope I get that first job. Online applications take FOREVER!!! Why can't you just take one mega-app and then just use that to apply for everything ever always?
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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
5 years, 8 months ago
Might wanna enter?  Dunno what is required or possible to win with the contest?  More info would be appreciated!

Also dreams are weird.  I was a rainbow inspector in one.  A rainbow TASTE inspector.  Yeah, that was an odd one...heh!
5 years, 8 months ago
https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=96070 Here it is.

And, can we trade dreams? :3
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