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My body is on fire! ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

But I'll get back to that.


It's been one helluva weekend. I know that it's like, Wenesday right now but...with the way things have been flowing for me, it's been one steady, long day where the sun decides to rise and fall without advancing the plot, only for life to happen 3 days later and I'm like Whaaaat?

No, that's not correct. I currently have a almost 101F/38.3C temp...so I'm a little woozy here in my writing, but I'mma still get you guys up to speed.

First things first, I'm possibly sick right now from a number of things. One bet...is that there had been no freakin' hot water in my apartment for days. That...was the biggest pain since we just got a vague 'your water's gonna be off' message from the apartment manager. Come the next day, still nothing. So we try to get in contact with the apartment manager on the phone number she gave us as a friend. We got no reply. So we had been going crazy trying to get in contact with someone about it and got like, nothing. So the next day, when we show up to ask what's going on, she feels she has the right to get snappy and bitchy at us for asking what's the deal with the lack of communication. o3o Of course, the cherry on top was that later on, she sends me and her an email giving us the numbers to get ahold of in emergencies, and then later sends a text saying not to contact her at that number anymore. Oh, and her reasoning for the lack of communication was that the phones for the entire apartment complex were down. So...yeah.

On top of that, our own money situation got a little tight because, just when we thought we were safe...suddenly 150 bucks were taken outta Noah's account. (Her dad is technically in control of our money, paying rent bills ect.), and we had no idea why the money left or where it went, so intead of having grocery money, we had about 15 bucks to our name. Wonderful. x.x So sthat was pretty stressful too.

In the meanwhile, we'd been getting into an argument with a now-ex friend of ours. The chick's money is basically coming from disability due to her bipolar disorder, and her 'master' from Wisconsin (who's well into his 60's at this point, and  is an ass). Well, the girl gets anxiety attacks to go to the grocery store, and spends most of her time/money traveling downtown Chicago to see her master, or runs to Indiana to see her family, she's almost never home. Problem here, is that all of a sudden she's having talks of wanting a service dog, and at the same time, considering having her master's baby. This is a 23 year old girl who we used to have to remind her to take her meds constantly so, yeah. When we told her that she shouldn't, that she should wait til she can take care of herself, she gets mad, freaks out and says we're trying to 'change' her, (mind you, she came to US for advice), and now has just pretty much cut us off from contacting her. Stressful, but not skin off my teeth. We're only the ones that got her to move up here, helped her move (both out of her old place and into here), helped her clean her place, helped her do things for a master that neither of us clearly like, and helped her do various little things without ever asking anything of her in return. Grateful friends, real friends ,ladies and gentlemen. And yes, I know it could be a bipolar thing that came about when she did that, but it's been quite a few days and no apology...so yeah, no. Done with that. Two friends (Who incidentally have the same first name) down in a single week. Stuff's been fuuuuun. (;¬_¬)

But then the good news came in for me! After all my BS of trying to get into school, it freaking paid off HARD. As it seems, Friday of this week (And not in December, when I thought it was gonna happen), is my last payment to this collection's agency, who is gonna wipe the default off of my credit score and I"ll be back in the greens. ON top of that, Sally Mae is going to pick up the loan, and immediately pay off my old shcool, and then, from there, I'll get my transcript, and start college in freaking January, which is the best news I could possibly ever get. In truth, this good news is probably best thing that could happen and trumps the hell out of all of the above. I just did a visit day to the school, too, and it is just plain wonderful. Hell, the very commercial for Roosevelt University was enough to put a tear in my eye. (Seriously, if you're gonna have any involvement with this journal, just look at This...it's just plain beautiful. I'm just glad my life is finally gonna be on track and going correctly. I'm finally moving forward.

Also, if you didn't catch from the hints before. I'm sick. It could be from the stress of all of the above. Or it just could be that I was washing my grubby little mitts in cold water and it wasn't enough. All I know, it had better not be bronchitis a-freaking-gain. That would suck royal huevos.

Anyways, I'mma get to bed, then wake up and Skyrim the **** out of the day. So glad I got the game. <3 Love it. Kitty Assassin. Fwah~

Night folks. Mavy Out.
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
Sounds like youve had a rough week. For me I was in the flood making national headlines, so not so easy for me either
5 years, 7 months ago
Damn Mave! *hugs*
5 years, 7 months ago
That's terrible. I really hope things get better. *hugs* Have fun playing Skyrim! I still haven't got the game yet.
5 years, 7 months ago
You too, huh? x.x
5 years, 7 months ago
Best of luck, Mavy. [hugs]
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