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I will be accepting sculpture commissions now

I will now be accepting sculpture commissions now that I have an example of my work up on this site :D

Please remember that sculptures take me about 40 hours to make and there are material costs for more clay, paint, bases, embellishments and other miscellaneous expenses that go into making these.

That being said, the starting asking price for a sculpture commission is $250 plus shipping to your country.

This price is for a single character figurine that is between 5 and 9 inches tall that has a non-complex pose and simple outfit (or nude). Figurine price also includes a simple base for them to stand on if one is needed (characters that sit down flat don't necessarily need one but the base is still included in the price so you can have the base if you want it).

For more complicated figurines, complex outfits, complicated poses, it will cost more, between $5- $50 depending on what exactly it is you want that's considered complicated.

Multiple characters on a single figurine piece of work will cost more as well. A single additional full size character will cost an additional $200-$300 depending on the complexity of their outfit, pose and interaction with the other character in the figurine. For three characters or more please send me a PM and ask.

Tiny character additions (like a small pokemon or a simplified little pet) will only cost the additional 'complication fee' which again is between $5 and $50.

So for example of prices:
If you want a nude character in a standard standing pose, I would charge $250 plus shipping (minimum sculpting price for one character).

If you want a character in a really frilly gothic lolita dress I would charge $300 plus shipping (Max sculpting price for one character)

If you want two characters that are naked or in simple clothes and just standing/sitting together but aren't touching (basically two separate sculptures but on one base) I would charge $450 plus shipping. (min. sculpting price for two characters).

If you want two nude characters and one is doing the other doggy style with his hands on the other's hips, I would charge $475 plus shipping.

If you want two characters that are naked and one is sitting in the other's lap and they are hugging, I would charge $500

If you want two characters that are dressed in loose clothing with lots of wrinkles in the fabric and one is sitting in the other's lap and they are hugging I would charge $525

If you want two characters wearing really complicated, frilly, gothic lolita clothing and one is sitting in the other's lap and they are hugging, I would charge $550 plus shipping. (max complicated sculpting price for two characters)

I hope this give you a better idea of my prices.  But if you have something specific in mind, please send me a PM and I will give you a specific quote.

I have not decided on how much electronics and LED's added to the figurines will cost but they will be additional onto the regular price of the sculpt depending on how many you want and where they will be located (just in the base will be a lot cheaper than if you want them implanted somewhere in the actual figurine because of the work it takes to run wires through the sculpture) So if you're interested, PM me with what you had in mind and I will give you a quote.

I can also do chibis at a cheaper price than the regular sculpture price, though I have not decided what that might be yet. Send me a PM if you're interested and we could work on an agreed price.

Please keep in mind that NSFW figurines will take me a little more time because of my living situation. Things that ARE Suitable for Work will get done much faster because I can work on them during the day as well as at night.

Some sexual figurines that get shipped out of the country I would prefer not to make. The reason for this is because sometimes customs does random package checks for no rhyme or reason and I would really prefer they didn't find some cub pornographic figurine and trace it back to me. It might not be illegal but I've heard some horror stories of people getting in trouble for lolicon manga and stuff like that even though it's not actually illegal and I'd really rather just avoid any of the stress in the first place.

That being said, adult pornographic figurines are just fine, though there are some things I won't make because I just don't care for it.

Here is a list, though things might be added later.

Things I won't sculpt:

cub porn (though cute cub cuddling is ok, and nude cub without bits showing is ok (like Bugs Bunny type nude)
rape (just not my thing, but consensual light bondage is ok)
scat, water sports, etc.

Things I will sculpt:

SFW cub stuff (fully clothed, or naked with no bits showing like Bugs Bunny, non-sexual, kissing and cuddling is ok)
gay, lesbian, straight, orgy, all ok (cost of figurine goes up with each character however)
Pretty much all suitable for work stuff is ok until a project comes up that makes me see otherwise.
I will also sculpt lots of other stuff too, it's just easier not to list every single thing.

Payment method
I accept paypal.
When you commission me, I prefer to accept half up front right before starting work on your figurine and accepting the remainder after I finish the figurine. I have found that this works the best for both the commissioner and myself.
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