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New Comic: "Keeping Goofy's Secret"

I've started finishing images for my newest story, "Keeping Goofy's Secret", which is a sequel to "Goofy's Secret" where upon further investigation by Dewey, he discovers that his dream was true about Goofy being a super hero.  Dewey decides to try to team up with Super Goof with some interesting circumstances and Super Goof finds a way to guarantee that his secret identity is kept secret.

This will be one of my larger stories at 163 images.  After this story is finished, my next story will be about Mickey visiting Daisy at her home and the two friends becoming more friendly than they expected to be.
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Added: 5 years, 4 months ago
5 years, 4 months ago
5 years, 4 months ago
Great to hear from you Mouseboy, I really enjoyed Nature Mouse with Minnie Mouse herself and it was excellent but remind me when I chat with you the next time we speak to each other I'll have to catch up with you on the recent images to the comic itself by commenting on them when I get the chance. Anyways, a new comic huh Mouseboy? Well in that case count me in on the new comic involving Goofy and Dewey themselves for me and everyone to check out, and above all I like what it's all about and I do hope that it will be a good one for everyone to enjoy one way or another. As for your next comic about Mickey visiting Daisy when it comes I'm sure it will be a good one for us to check out, and furthermore I what it's about as well. Mouseboy just so you know that no matter how you make your comics and what they are about, at least they're the best comics along with being good ones as well and above all everyone will at least enjoy them no matter what. As for commenting about the recent images that you had upload for the last comic Nature Mouse starring Minnie Mouse, I'll see which ones that I had commented about to you along with which ones that I have not yet commented to you as I comment on the ones that I didn't comment on when I get the chance. Anyways, great job on bringing out another comic for us to enjoy Mouseboy and I do hope that you will keep up the good work along with bringing out the next comic involving Mickey and Daisy themselves soon enough. One more thing Mouseboy, when you get the time I left some comments courtesy of me recently in your journals titled Need story idea... & Another "Goofy" idea if you ever want to read about them along with being interested in my ideas from the comments that I left there in both of those journals recently and I do hope that you like the ideas in my comments in both of those journals of yours and I do hope that you will look over them along with reading them whenever you get the chance. The comments will be labeled by my username bigd33309, and I do hope that you will enjoy my comments one way or another. Anyways, great job again and I do hope that you keep up the good work and bring more of your new and latest comics to us ;3. Oh by the way Mouseboy, your Nature Mouse comic had a Special yet brief guest and cameo appearance and/or appearances by Mickey Mouse while Minnie was dreaming and/or thinking about her while she was dreaming and fantasizing about him getting an orgasm and enjoying it as well along with the other stuff in her own garden if he was with her and when he gets invited over to see Minnie and her new garden as well. Anyways, talk to you soon Mouseboy and again great job also keep up the good work =3. Later Mouseboy ;)!
5 years, 4 months ago
Great work! Looking forward to what you come up with Next Mouseboy.
5 years, 4 months ago
All of Mouseboy's comics are great, hands down. ^.^ A new comic is like a Christmas present; you can't wait to open it and see what's inside and what it can do. XD Keep it up Mouseboy!
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