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Hai! Stuff!

Well, hello all. I just wanted to cover a few things briefly whilst I have a moment. Okay? Okay.

1) Commissions. I know I still owe a few things, but those will be taken care of by Sunday. In the mean time... COMMISSIONS ARE OPENED! I will open two new types of comissions that were not available before: Comic commissions, where I will do comics like the pony one I did recently, and MS Paint commissions, which will basically be discount digital commissions. Its great if you're not looking for shading quality and want a more chibi-ish look.

2) For those of you who have commissioned me in the past, I have a new PayPal account of my own that I no longer must share with my mother. Along with my new student checking account, this means all my $ is finally under my control. And as such... I must now earn my money because I'm no longer 'employed' by my stepdad (I say like that because he almost never paid me, and when he did, it was not a lot.

3) My professors. They're great people. I love them. But... My bio and chem professors... I can't understand half of what they say ^^; I thought at first it was an issue of being all the way in the back of the huge cement lecture hall, but upon moving way down... I saw how bad their accents are. My bio professor has an accent I can't place, but if I had to, and judging by his name... I'd say South American. I don't know many people from South America so I can't pin him to a specific country. And, my chem professor... I believe from India or that general area. My bio professor at least has good notes and handwriting. My chem professor... Not so much ^^; And both have been professors at the university for years apparently. So, I'll either adapt or get used to their accents. Because, if many students failed their classes for misunderstanding material, they wouldn't keep their jobs ^^; So... Any advice here besides talking to them?

4) Disease >< I am sick. I guess this is nature's way of telling me that, just because I have the option to have many unhealthy beverages and foods every meal, doesn't mean I should. No more pepsi (they have no coke on campus), orange soda, unlimited ice cream, or extra fries. ^^; Please let this disease pass soon because I cannot afford to be sick right now, what with the quiz tomorrow and the lab and several papers I already have assigned that I must finish and turn in.

5) Well... As you know, those of you on dA, I'm either founder or co-founder of four groups. The ones I am founder of are #InflationNation and #InterestingLifeForms. I am co-founder of #PokeDigiMLP and #omorashi-desperation. If you're interested in any of these things, do check them out :3 (There's a collab going on in InflationNation and talk of a contest opening up in omorashi-desperation; not established yet.)

6) I thought sharing a bathroom and shower space with several guys would lead to complications and awkward moments. So far, besides one guy locking himself out of his room after a shower, nothing. Everyone is quite clean and courteous, and we all just naturally have different shower schedules, so no two people are showering at once ^^ I have my own room, but the suite all shares a bathroom.

7) I found Catholics ^^ This may not seem like a big deal to some, especially to the non-religious folks out there. But, when you're far from home, its good to know that there are people here that share the same faith as me that I can go to when I'm having troubles. While my neighbors are close by, and my family is a call away, and there's you guys online, there are sometimes where you need to talk face to face with someone who knows what you're talking about.

8) As more and more assignments come in, do expect to see less and less of me. But I won't disappear entirely. If I have to study for a few days for a large exam, I will give warning.

9) Lastly, anyone who knows how to use a windows 8 tablet, please tell me ^^; I'm struggling.

Well... That is all for now. Now to go do some laundry and dishes.

P.S.: I need to buy socks (not for the reason you think; I seem to have forgotten a lot of them at home.)
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