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If you're a Brony, please read this

Yeah, I wanted to post this about you guys and that show y'all watch, Me (and a lot of other people on FA and other places) is kinda sick and tired of seeing all of those fan-arts being uploaded all the time. I want to be honest with you guys, you guys are pushing a little girly cartoon show way over the limit and it's you guys that is going to end up killing MLP for good, not the haters. Oh, before you rabid fans come on here and say, "So what, you don't even watch MLP," the truth is that I experimented with watching a couple clips of MLP on YouTube, and to my Knowledge, I think the show is pretty ok and all, but doesn't really deserve it's popularity it's getting, and yet, you guys force it's popularity onto that series, even making a convention over the series which doesn't make sense, ok, if it was a popular game like Minecraft (which they do), or a TV show that lasted a very long time like The Simpsons, I would of understand.

Why I said this, there a such thing called "The 4th Year Curse", in case you guys haven't heard what this curse exactly is, this curse effects all types of media-related things like Movies, Games, TV shows, Books, ect. and this effects during the 4th year (season, game, book, whatever), and I can say by watching those clips, and how you guys are pushing MLP's popularity, that series won't stand a chance against the 4th Year Curse when MLP enters it's 4th season later this year. Also, the result of the curse, you'll see a flip in the popularity from "This is the best thing ever on this planet" to "God, please, end this shit now". One example, look at Angry Birds, before the curse, they were the best things ever and now look at their popularity.

Just keep in mind, if MLP ends up getting canceled, just note of advise, it'll the Rapid Bronies that kill the series, not the haters.
Rapid fans kills their favorite things.
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
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