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Think Fast! by SL350
Think Fast!
A New Year With New Things To Come
Hello all and Happy 2014 to you! :) Hopefully y'all had an excellent Christmas & great start to your New Year. =D  While 2013 was generally a very rough year for me (as well as my family), it did have...
4 years, 11 months ago
Hello and Welcome
Wuzzup, everyone! =D For those of you who know me might've remembered me from deviantART. If not, the name's cmsimeon589--same username as dA--or you can just call me Monica. :) Judging by my name, yo...
5 years, 5 months ago
Think Fast! by SL350
Think Fast!
by SL350
Baby Lola Bunny being charming by Nikonah
Baby Lola Bunny being charming
by Nikonah
Baby Daffy is cool by Nikonah
Baby Daffy is cool
by Nikonah
Hello, it's cmsimeon589 from deviantART :) (I'm also on FurAffinity, but I have yet to actually use my account (except for a favs here and there) )
Here is just a little something about what you'll expect from me (art-wise):

Art Status
*I will NOT be taking Requests.

*Suggestions/Ideas For A Pic are a "hit & miss". If you suggested a pic, I will either accept or reject the suggestion/idea for reasons as followed:
*Easy to draw
*I like the idea
*Have enough free time to do it.

*Too complicated to draw
*Don't like the idea
*Don't have enough/any time to do it.
*Sounds too much like a request

*Art Trades are a maybe (if I have time, I will take them)
NOTE: If/When I do decided to take Art Trades, your style (drawing and coloring) MUST MEET MY STANDARDS. In other words: your art must be as good as, or better than mine. This means I can either accept or reject your invitation for an Art Trade. I'm sorry if I sound mean, but I've had too many bad art trade pics drawn for me (I work hard on someone's pic & in return, I got something really crappy or half-ass done. /:< )
Once both parties agree to an Art Trade, we must agree on both our parts being black & white (sketched or inked/lineart) or colored (traditional or digital). It won't be fair if I make a colored pic for my part of an Art Trade and the person I'm doing an Art Trade with just makes a sketch for their part. :/ (I've had that happen a few times, as well. <~< )
~Like I said earlier, I'm sorry if I sound so harsh when it comes to my standards for Art Trades, but I want to be [FOR REAL] Fair and Balanced, unlike Fox News.

*Gift Art is done unconsciously, not by asking (asking for one is like asking for a request.)

Things I Enjoy Drawing:
I have weird taste in fetishes/kinks/guilty pleasure/whatever you may call'em. The following is a list of "kinks" you will mostly likely see quite often:

*Oviposition (a more simpler term for it........Egg Laying)

*Rule 63 (Cuntboys are my main........Dickgirls are rare. I like drawing vaginas more than I like drawing penises...........and I'm female. =P It's not that I don't like drawing Penises...but I'm still horrible at drawing them when it's "attached" to a body. "Floating" penises I can draw a bit easily. :m )

*Cuntboys (I already mentioned that under Rule 63, but to simplify it, 99% of cuntboys I draw are reptile-based characters/species (i.e: dinosaur, turtle, dragon, koopas, yoshies, clubbas, any character that can be classified as a reptile )

*Tribbing/Scissoring (whether it's Cuntboy x Female; Female x Female; or Cuntboy x Cuntboy )

*Crack-Pairings (mostly for the sake of "lulzy" sexual situations. In other words, they're, most likely, not shipped as "couples", but more as "friends with benefits" (i.e: Yoshi x Macho Grubba is one of my primary "crack-pairings/friends with benefits" for such sexual situations. >w< )

So, if you do not like what I draw than that's fine. I respect your opinion, since not all of us share the same "taste". :) Just don't force me to stop drawing/posting what I like. ;3
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Fur Affinity
3 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 5 months ago
Owwww thank you for watch me here! x3
5 years, 5 months ago
lol your welcome and thanks for the watch XD
5 years, 5 months ago
Oh hello! It's awesome see you here!
It's me =CharmandriKoopArtz of DA :3
5 years, 5 months ago
I'm glad to know your bro told me you were here, too =3
5 years, 5 months ago
Sure!  It's pretty simple actually.  When you click on the picture you want to view, right below the image is a grey line that has stars in the center.  Click on one of those to favorite.  You can fave any picture with a rating ranging from 1 to 3 stars.  Hope that helps.
5 years, 5 months ago
Awesome!  Happy to see you here.  :D
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