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Fuck You I am surrounded with Amethysts  by asderzx
Fuck You I am surrounded with Amethysts
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Fuck You I am surrounded with Amethysts  by asderzx
Fuck You I am surrounded with ...
Drew Glitch Wolf Poker Face by asderzx
Drew Glitch Wolf Poker Face
I am a Devious CatFox who likes to draw~ I love furry kittens and Vexing Fox.
Status: In a RelationShip

              I don't do commissions as a source of income but I do it for Passion. When I draw something it means I am so Passionate and Dedicated that I will work
on it all night. I focus on it and every time I draw I noticed my progress. I love Digital Painting that even I am using a mouse, I will give a good results. Every time I saw
my past artworks and sees its flaws makes me giggles, that those Imperfections that you don't notice become noticeable. I guess my path of being an Artist is a never
ending of Learning.

              I am into those weird Fetishes, Gore and Violence fascinates me. I love drawing my Character died.  Reminding me that I am too a mortal.
I use both Sai Paint Tool and Photoshop.
I use MOUSE mostly of my Art Piece. Notice the quality.

Sweet Cheeks to Kiss
:bitnarukamiicon: Bitnarukami
He who smitten my Heart first, checkmate me without me noticing.
Then, He is Fragile... very.

Mochi the Sweet Confection
:cursedhandicon: Keres Clawtooth
He who is Delicate. Fragile do not drop. Handle it carefully with Love and Dedication.

In the end, a lot of things happened. I keep saying that he was easily get hurt and he was easily get break, but I too was fragile.

Find me At Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/leeadrian.catfox
Art Sites
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/asderzx/
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