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This is an update to say, '‌Things are still happening**!' As for what those things are; *Summary:* ~~~ Quote:      *What is this update about?* 1. [X]  Uploading the rest of the /Ostara/ series f...
11 months, 4 weeks ago
Hello World! (This profile is officially Active)
Hello everybody! It's been some time since I last uploaded anything, and the state of this profile has been rather quiet, maybe even dead D: But worry not, because I have good news; ‌Starting from ...
1 year, 11 months ago
Welcome to my Inkbunny profile ヽ(^◇^✿)/

* You'll find mostly Feral, Semi-Feral, and Cub stuff here
* You'll not find any Humans here (<5% chance)
** If Anthro / Semi-Anthro / Humans are more your thing, you could check out my Fur Affinity account for those
(coming soon)

Quick Links:

0. All uploads can be found in the ~--> Pools section <--~ ,
organized by theme for your viewing pleasure

1. Most of my current stuff is in the ~--> Scraps <--~ gallery (at least for now!) see the Pools instead! They're better-organized (link above)

2. If you're reading this and you're watching me, or just wondering what's even going on here, worry not anymore!
See this journal entry for more information if you'd like to learn more about what's going on

It's been a few months, but this profile is officially Active now!
A very big thank you to everybody who sent me PMs, followed this account, or favorited anything, even before everything was set up too, wow! Very awesome

Over the next couple days, I'll be adding more art to the gallery, along with other things like Suggestions, and maybe Commissions (to be updated soon)
About Me

I make Nicethings for you to experience,

These include:
1. Tutorials, howtos, and guides
2. Fine Art pinups (the kind you'd feel comfortable framing in your room or showing to others)
3. Lewd stuff to peruse at your pleasure lesiure

Everything is done with the GIMP
Links and Contact Details
Fur Affinity
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