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~None of my music or art is to be used by anyone without my knowledge be it profit or non profit I wish to be informed and you MUST have my permission in a mutual agreement for something profit. ~

I do like CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, but if your plainly going to be an asshole and just spew B.S and lies, then get the hell off my page you narcissist.

Name: Cole

Status: Single

Age: 19

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Height: 6'0.5'

Body: Average

Orientation: Bisexual

Nationality: Italian Canadian

Element: Fire

Style: 80's Rocker/50's Greaser

Nicknames: Sky Cowboy, Firebird, Nikki, Nicole, Coleh, Puppy, Handsome Husky, Ryuske

Interests: Guitar, Drums, Bass, Singing, Drawing, Cars, Bikes, Role Play, Snowboarding and Guns

Favorite animes: Beck, Initial D, and Orphin

Favorite video games: The Warriors, Driver series, GTA series, Battlefield series, NFS series, Orange Box

Fav colors: All Colors

Fav bands: To many to list

Playstation 3 screen name: Wylde-Fire

I'm very approachable, I'm shy but I open up really easily so just start talking XD

Avatar created by norithics recolored by myself

Just so it's clear, no works of my characters are to be sold for profit by anyone other than me without consent.
Posting this because I already saw one sold and one that was attempted to be sold and am extremely displeased by it. if it continues I may have to institute a percentage charge.
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