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H.B.'s Drawing of Alex by TricolorInkster84
H.B.'s Drawing of Alex
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H.B.'s Drawing of Alex by TricolorInkster84
H.B.'s Drawing of Alex
When you run out of ideas. by TricolorInkster84
When you run out of ideas.
Summer from DC by TricolorInkster84
Summer from DC
Girl Power by TricolorInkster84
Girl Power
The spirit of being a leader of a gal group by TricolorInkster84
The spirit of being a leader o...
Bounce, Aubrey, Bounce! by TricolorInkster84
Bounce, Aubrey, Bounce!
This squirrel is my favorite. by TricolorInkster84
This squirrel is my favorite.
Aubrey Reference Sheet by TricolorInkster84
Aubrey Reference Sheet
Rena Drawn on Paper (First Submission) by TricolorInkster84
Rena Drawn on Paper (First Sub...
Paco Wolf by pandapaco
Paco Wolf
by pandapaco
Rest by VeeMomo
by VeeMomo
Anna in a summer wind by Aggie
Anna in a summer wind
by Aggie
Wally walked to Wigan by BobbyThornbody
Wally walked to Wigan
7 Years on Instagram! by AlexanderIB
7 Years on Instagram!
Treasure Hunter by TerdBurgler
Treasure Hunter
Ice Cream Destiny by VinFox
Ice Cream Destiny
by VinFox
[BB] Would you guys mind listening to the song I wrote? by BobbyThornbody
[BB] Would you guys mind liste...
Quin The Cat Blows a Bubble by AlexanderIB
Quin The Cat Blows a Bubble
My Way (cover) by HolidayPup
My Way (cover)
The Daddy's Role by Kiarakitten
The Daddy's Role
Draw the Squad: Kitsune Edition by BobHoppe
Draw the Squad: Kitsune Editio...
by BobHoppe
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Hello there, the name is TricolorInkster84. So, one of you recognize me as making interactives out of one of my favorite characters from time to time, making those pics out of those gals like the lavender rabbit, and the big-bellied wolf? Well, the thing is I have decided to move from FA to IB (Inkbunny for short) because I might as well use it as my FA shelter, and here's how I am to use it.

1. If I actually (or desperately) wanted to make art involving my characters (occasionally from my YT channel), I'm not going to put my characters' names in the titles or in the description because I know they're going to find my Inkbunny instantly. I'll just put them in pictures but in 50% transparency text.
2. When making art out of my FA characters, I will do the same as the first step. That's all there is - nothing to it.
3. Instead of using my real name when doing a signature, I'll just sign pics using my Inkbunny screen name, which of course, is "TricolorInkster84".

Note: This Inkbunny profile I've made is only going to be for who will and have watched me and will favorite my stuff here.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.


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2 weeks, 4 days ago
Thank you for the fave <3
3 months ago
Aw well thank you! I'm happy ya enjoy em. :3
3 months ago
Thanks for the fave!
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