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It is night.

The darkness wraps around you like a blanket, comforting and heavy. It pressed against your shoulders and you nearly allow yourself to drift into a dreamless sleep.

But if you did that, you'd never wake up.

Behind you, a pack is approaching. Heads low, tails high, and lips back.

Wolves. Thousands upon thousands of wolves on the sprawling landscape, alive with the muscular physiques of the drooling canines.

The leader snaps his gray jaws and snarls, furious Malachite eyes fixed on you. Every muscle in his huge body is tense and ready to pursue you.

You are the prey. To these wolves, it is merely a game of chase.

You bolt, thundering through the foliage. Brittle leaves and twigs snap behind you as the night comes alive with the wolves. The leader shoulders through the bracken. He simply tears through the undergrowth.

They get closer with every pawsteps. You know that you can't outrun them. Only a few wolves are attempting to hunt you. The rest are trying to intimidate you.

The leader pounces.

You feel the heavy, cold blanket of night against your shoulders. It pressed against your shoulder blades and lulls you to an endless sleep.

A whimper fills the air.

A thick-furred wolf stands. Her  thick fur rises and falls as he pants, shaking her head to scatter scarlet drops of blood. The crimson splashes onto the grass from her torn ear, but the leader seems to lose interest. Stunned, you watch him leave.

"I am Totaled," She speaks with a quiet tone. "Come with me."


My name is Totaled. I'm a female who adores writing.

I write NSFW stories. X3
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