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Pawdon Me, Miss - Commission - by Wingedhamham by TheExceedinglyGayMice
Pawdon Me, Miss - Commission - by Wingedhamham
http://youtu.be/_RbugqfpZhM I no longer feel bad about these things getting hunted. If you're so chronically stupid that you'll wander into the lair of your species' primary predator, you deserve to...
8 years, 3 months ago
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Pawdon Me, Miss - Commission - by Wingedhamham by TheExceedinglyGayMice
Pawdon Me, Miss - Commission -...
Poco by Miles by Poco
Poco by Miles
by Poco
Hey everyone! Welcome to the Mouse Pad's very own FA page! I'm Cobb and it's VERY exhausting to type with your feet. The italics on the word 'very' in that last sentence? That took three minutes and two of my roommates to do.  Jesus.  They were already here, so I figured we might as well get the practice in. One minute, thirty-five seconds!

We are the Exceedingly Gay Mice - six guys who share an old abandoned house in North Mississippi (TEGM headquarters, aka "the Mouse Pad") who, you guessed it, all happen to be gay. And not gay in the traditional "overly jolly" sense of the word either. The other gay.  The fabulous gay.

Taking a breather.


We are (in no particular order):

Wesley (non-resident member in good standing)
Darner (non-resident member in good standing)
Mr. Fontenot LeBlanc (Esq., Master of Calendars, et al.)
the twins Irk and Vex
Abe Lincoln

We also have several non-resident, non-member friends who will be making periodic contributions, but for the most part you'll be dealing with one of us. Most usually me though. Irk, Vex and Lincoln don't know how to use the computer yet, and Mr. LeBlanc is usually doing... something.

Taking a breather.


What TEGM is is a support group and halfway house for those in our local community who, like us, are former or current Craftsmice who need a safe haven in which to explore the feelings they are having. We are a supportive community of~

[Hey guys, I'm Wesley. Cobb was close to passing out, so I'm taking over the rest of the typing while he sits down. Continuing from his dictation.]

~like-minded brothers (and sisters) who share meals, stories, chores, good times and bad times. In general, the responsibilities of a household. It's not easy keeping a home in working order when you're four inches tall, but we've got the moxie to get it done!

Please stay tuned as we get our FA page up and running. The twins want to post some of their sculptures, LeBlanc wants to publish some of his stories, and hopefully we're all gonna get our portraits done!

Thanks for coming!

[Also, if you have an old iPad, iPhone or knockoff variant that you don't want anymore that has a working tap screen instead of keys, could you leave your name and contact info in the comments section? We'd really appreciate it. Wesley.]
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8 years, 3 months ago
Thanks for the watch and fave, meeces.  =^ω^=
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