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S&M - Page Ten by TheAnonymouxCats
S&M - Page Ten
Future Patreon In Order -
*How's it going guys?* We're working on a lot of big projects (hence why some things have been halted recently), and that includes setting up a Patreon account. The way things are going according to ...
4 days, 7 hrs ago
Collectibles Sale
There's still some Sonic Collectibles for sale if anyone is interested! We really need the money, hence why we're selling them, so if you buy it helps us out more than you know ❤ Current orders have ...
1 week, 2 days ago
Late Updates
The next update for the Sadist and the Masochist comic is running a little late...but should be up by Friday as planned.
4 weeks ago
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S&M - Page Ten by TheAnonymouxCats
S&M - Page Ten
S & M - Page Nine by TheAnonymouxCats
S & M - Page Nine
Hey, we're selling collectibles! by TheAnonymouxCats
Hey, we're selling collectible...
S & M - Page 8 by TheAnonymouxCats
S & M - Page 8
you can gay if you want to by TheAnonymouxCats
you can gay if you want to
S & M - Page 7 by TheAnonymouxCats
S & M - Page 7
S & M - Page 6 by TheAnonymouxCats
S & M - Page 6
Sonic and the Seven Shadows - Prologue by TheAnonymouxCats
Sonic and the Seven Shadows - ...
S & M - Page 5 by TheAnonymouxCats
S & M - Page 5
S&M - Page 4 by TheAnonymouxCats
S&M - Page 4
S&M - Page 3 by TheAnonymouxCats
S&M - Page 3
S&M - Page 2 by TheAnonymouxCats
S&M - Page 2
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S&M - Page 1 by TheAnonymouxCats
S&M - Page 2 by TheAnonymouxCats
S&M - Page 3 by TheAnonymouxCats
Sadist and the Masochist
Updates Fridays
11 submissions
Hey, we're selling collectibles! by TheAnonymouxCats
Commissions are always open, and we can do both Sonic and furry art. Want us to try something new? Just hit us up with a PM or email.
6 submissions
Sonadow 001 by TheAnonymouxCats
Sonadow 002 by TheAnonymouxCats
Sonadow 003 by TheAnonymouxCats
All Sonadow stuff, including art, wallpaper, fanfiction, and comics. Contains NSFW.
21 submissions
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“Everything happens for a reason, so make it be for a good reason.”

About Us -

Welcome to the Anonymoux profile! Right now we’re a team of three people, led by Anonymoux-Sonic, who started as a standalone account, and decided to bring on three more of us as a team. Since we do more than write and draw, we’ve decided to use our skills together so we can be more productive and creative. All works will be signed by whomever made them, but most of the time, we work on stuff together. Anoni-Sonic is our “leader,” in charge of the ideas and writing, concept and pretty much the start of everything... Shadow (me), is our co-leader and beta reader, and also takes care of our more business-like stuff and planning. Capi is more into drawing, but does great commission work with both art and fanfiction.

Warnings -

All of our works will have warnings in each one, regarding whatever mature theme that particular story contains. If that story has no warnings, there obviously won’t be any. All the warnings and things you need to know for the story will be written in the very top in the beginning of each story under a bold header. Do NOT, under any circumstances, read the story if you feel uncomfortable with the themes mentioned. We do not promote these themes, and do not encourage them in any way whatsoever. The content of each story does not accurately reflect how we feel about the themes. Never mistake an author’s fiction for their personal opinions. If you end up reading despite the warnings, we are not responsible for how you feel, think, or react of it. You make your own decisions, we do not make them for you. All negativity, flames, and attempts of trolling or bullying will be reported and blacklisted. We strive for protecting and supporting other authors, not bringing them down.

Requests, RPs, and Commissions -

We currently do not take requests or RPs of any kind unless from close friends. This is for personal protection and the fact that we simply don’t have the time. We take commissions under certain guidelines. Please PM us if you have questions regarding commissions. We usually only do Sonic the Hedgehog Commissions, but there are some other franchises we dabble with time to time. We don’t know them all, or may not know them well enough, but if you’re curious, there’s no harm in asking. We also do not give works or ideas out for adoption. Our work is our work and cannot be used by anyone else. If you see anyone else using our works, please let us know immediately. Good deeds are rewarded.

Find Us in Other Places -

These are our names and other accounts where you can find us:

Fanfiction.net “The-Anonymoux-Writers” Link - https://www.fanfiction.net/u/12735494/The-Anonymoux-Wri...

Inkbunny “The-Anonymoux-Artists” Link - https://inkbunny.net/TheAnonymouxArtists

DeviantART “The-Anonymoux” (subject to change) Link - https://www.deviantart.com/the-anonymoux

Archive of Our Own “TheAnonymouxWriters” Link - https://archiveofourown.org/users/TheAnonymouxWriters

Current News -

Updated on 09/18/19

We have recently created a new Fanfiction.net account under the name “The-Anonymoux-Writers.” If you want to read why and more about this, you can read the Final Update written by Anonymoux-Sonic still on the old account. Because Fanfiction doesn’t let new users upload so much within a ten day limit, we can only upload so much at once right now. The stories that we’re keeping the same without any editing will be posted up at a scheduled pace. Older stories that were taken down are going to be either rewritten, or used in our newer stories. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!
Links and Contact Details
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5 months, 1 week ago
Agemo ereht
5 months, 1 week ago
9 months, 4 weeks ago
Yay I didn’t expect to see you on here, your art is as fantastic as your fanfics!!
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