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hello all, im not actually going to tell you my name, but you can refer to me as kain, kanely (how you say it: can-l-e), or OVERLORD OF INSANITY its your choice, i mainly use computers for drawing my art, i would like it if you didn't use any REALLY bad words on my submissions, i am really nice and love to talk, im always looking forward to RP with people, i dont post art much, and heres a fursona:

name: kanely (prefers kain) atom anglsmith

gender:  male

sexuality:  women (doesn't care for the body, only focuses on the personality)

species:  squirrel

fur color:  gray with brown paws and red eyes

interests: making jokes, having fun, RolePlaying, LiveActionRolePlaying, making friends, talking about useless stuff, learning useless stuff, doing stupid things, usually does thing without thinking, being nice, staying positive, the colours red and blue, eating , and yea thats about it

dislikes:  being mean (but sometimes he says mean things without knowing it), hurting people, crying (he cant handle it mentally and always runs away), getting hurt, being alone, not doing anything

turn on's: women who likes the same things he likes...and boobs...sometimes boobs...not many boobs turn him on

turn offs:  men, being mean, pain, torture, you know...all the bad stuff

hight:  5'7''

weight:  90 pounds (can make self even heavier reaching up to 150 pounds but is still skinny)

wears:  a t-shirt, nice pants that drag on the ground and are baggy but are tight at the top so they dont fall down, a DARK green jacket, sometimes steampunk goggles (like this: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/263/e/9/steampu... and no, that is not me), never shoes

looks:  is skinny enough so you can see his rib cage even if he makes him self heavier, is quite strong, has telekinesis, a big fluffy tail, hair like this:  http://data.whicdn.com/images/30075041/Konachan.com_20...

thats about it
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