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Hello and Welcome to my IB page! Please be respectful to everyone.I've never really submitted any work here, because, I never thought I would have too until recently.
I will be using my IB account for any and all cub art commission.

Important: just because I draw cub art, does not mean I am into cub artwork( Do not make your own assumptions, if you have any questions I will answer in private so do not hesitate to message me if you feel that the artwork I post or is commissioned to do so is offending you in any way). I have a long list of kinks and fetishes and cub play, cub rape and so on isn't one of them.I respect others and do not judge because of his or her artwork.I'm generally very nice and understanding person. if you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask/note/and PM me

If commissioned, Please have a ref sheet or type out in specify details about the characters as well as what it is you want.I do have limits on certain kinds of artwork and if it is something I either can not work with because of the anatomy position or if it is something that is difficult for me to draw. I will not do it and kindly suggest something else.


 Scat, anal vore, penis vore, un-birthing/ birthing, and full- diapers.

 Cub rape of any kind

( Age limit Example: if your fursona is 12 or 13 I will draw in adult pieces.One more thing, if the cub is that of a demon, "ex: Penance " http://d.facdn.net/art/skunkworks/1393999801/139399980.... Or as though the character Finnick from Zootopia. NowIf the characters age was a 3-10 I will not draw any NSFW( Not safe for work). As for SWF( Safe for work) yes, I will draw it. So to clarify on this topic. NSFW, Nope. SFW, Yes.

If you have any further questions please message me privately so that I can speak to you one on one and to save on confusion.
Or overly complexed characters

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Again, if you have any questions or wish to commission send a note and I will reply when notified, please be patient with me as well.

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1 year, 6 months ago
Thank you very much for the watch ^.^
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