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Normal bendy and Boris's identity by Sprungtrap
Normal bendy and Boris's identity
why i've been inactive
hi guys if your wondering i've been in the hospital i was in a car accident and i can't draw i broke hand when it got crushed and have three busted ribs, i can't walk my left fibula had snapped and my...
3 months ago
Should I continue the comic
Hey guys since bendy ch 5 came out should I continue the saving Private Joey I mean I been thinking about scraping the comic as ether failed or abandoned comic what do you guys say? Comment please.
6 months, 3 weeks ago
what i like to do
hey guys if you wondering what i can draw porn but i didn't make this account to draw porn i might make some body art but im in to paleo art and funny comics but if i did make porn i'll make adult por...
9 months, 1 week ago
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helmet Xray by Sprungtrap
helmet Xray
practice comic cover by Sprungtrap
practice comic cover
New felicity design by Sprungtrap
New felicity design
(gift to PlayZone) R3nn4Rd remake with new idea's by Sprungtrap
(gift to PlayZone) R3nn4Rd rem...
Sprungy by Sprungtrap
The red bear by Sprungtrap
The red bear
The Hybrid by Sprungtrap
The Hybrid
beta attempt on a comic by Sprungtrap
beta attempt on a comic
remake of pearl vs xenomorph (alien) by Sprungtrap
remake of pearl vs xenomorph (...
R.Rozebear: menacing look by Sprungtrap
R.Rozebear: menacing look
felicity's redesign by Sprungtrap
felicity's redesign
Batim parody (the bloody rabbit) by Sprungtrap
Batim parody (the bloody rabbi...
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Saving private joey (page 1) by Sprungtrap
Saving private joey page 2 by Sprungtrap
saving private joey page 3 by Sprungtrap
Batim Comics
The story of Henry and joey drew.
5 submissions
Nicanor by Ixerin
by Ixerin
Comfort by Ixerin
by Ixerin
Realistic Ix by Ixerin
Realistic Ix
by Ixerin
Ix on the Beach by Ixerin
Ix on the Beach
by Ixerin
Autumn by Ixerin
by Ixerin
Aurum by Ixerin
by Ixerin
Acceloraptor by Ixerin
by Ixerin
Deinonychus stacking by Ixerin
Deinonychus stacking
by Ixerin
Guilty Pleasure by Ixerin
Guilty Pleasure
by Ixerin
Deinonychus by Queendin
by Queendin
Kylo Reni by CCofXunit
Kylo Reni
by CCofXunit
A Susie Easter 2 by HowSplendid
A Susie Easter 2
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I can do: crossovers gay leasbian fanart big breast and penis
I can't Or hate: (pedofilation:hate) (orgy:cant) (incects:hate with a passion) (beastsality:dislike)
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1 year, 5 months ago
Thanks for fav :)
1 year, 7 months ago
Btw sneak preview soon:)
1 year, 7 months ago
Good luck! Don't be bored. Get some ideas :)
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