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PriorityOne_Targeting.exe: File Corrupted -Shade- by DrZash
PriorityOne_Targeting.exe: File Corrupted -Shade-
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PriorityOne_Targeting.exe: File Corrupted -Shade- by DrZash
PriorityOne_Targeting.exe: Fil...
by DrZash
Patreon:chibi by ClaraLaine
Strong one by ClaraLaine
Strong one
Twails by soina
by soina
BATIM OC/ Inky Bunnny by GaaNaru12
BATIM OC/ Inky Bunnny
by GaaNaru12
Friendship is Manly:  Equestria men by kanashiipanda
Friendship is Manly:  Equestri...
Friendship is Manly:  Phantom Friendship by kanashiipanda
Friendship is Manly:  Phantom ...
Sweet Fe by DarkHedgie
Sweet Fe
Eris by diives
by diives
Haruz and Sollyz by diives
Haruz and Sollyz
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Night Glow by ClaraLaine
Night Glow
little waitress by Visark
little waitress
by Visark
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About the Artist:
Name: Dakota.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Gender: Bigender.

Relationship: Taken

I'm a grumpy person, can be a a**hole but I'm nice and hyper, I have a dirty mind which creates my wild personality and thoughts from imagination. I draw a lot and I love simply things. If you want to chat, dont be shy! I hope we can be much of friends~!
My Fursonas:
'm not so sure about that yet, I do have one in mind but it's just, I dont stick to one. I may just have 4 fursonas, or more, that kept in my mind all these years, but this one will be me and only me. The name will be either Remi, Saige, or Paige and it's a curvy femme guy XD I just love curves, not so sure why. Anyway the main ones list!
-Remi; Male, is the Shortest one of the group and is guilty as charge, hates being short but deals with it. Can be a asshole but knows when to be caring and serious in the right situation, a jokester and VERY dirty minded. Bisexual, doesnt care what you are and Is a mutt.
-Ronnie; Male, a complete asshole and doesnt care about it. He is very straight forward and hates orders, same with society so he writes music and poems about his feelings towards the whole idea. He's Demisexual and is the tallest of the group, is a mutt.
-Mya; Female, is the kindest and hyper of the group. She's the second shortest and straight, she talks very loud at times, same with the randomness, is a Red Wolf.
-Dakota/Lakota; Female, She's the serious of the group and doesnt give up without a fight! She's, well, I'm not sure, Bisexual? Asexual? I'm not so sure, she knows when to take a joke tho, a Arctic Fox and Grey Wolf.
-Jackie/Jack; Female, She's the lay-back and doesnt give two shits one. She's lazy and never taken seriously but is a loving friend, Pansexual and oldest of the group, African Wild-dog.
-Rai/Rae; Has no gender, they are creepy and very quiet one of the group, doesnt like people and people doesnt like they, enough said. However they are motherly and calm, Asexual, Deer and..something else (I forgot).

All characters on here belongs to me Skylaprower (c) please do not copyright or steal
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Second Life
2 years, 5 months ago
You are welcome :)
2 years, 5 months ago
No problem! ^ w ^
2 years, 5 months ago
Ty for accepting friend request :D
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