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Previously known as ButtSnifferFox.
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Personal Profile picture #3 by Shouter
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Personal Profile picture #3 by Shouter
Personal Profile picture #3
Gentle Souls Die Young by Shouter
Gentle Souls Die Young
Mister Wonky Eye by Shouter
Mister Wonky Eye
Why must I exist? by Shouter
Why must I exist?
Old Artwork #3 by Shouter
Old Artwork #3
Sketch Work [HASHTAG]1: Shizaer by Shouter
Sketch Work [HASHTAG]1: Shizae...
Full of the cover image by Shouter
Full of the cover image
Feral Inquiry by Shouter
Feral Inquiry
A Lovely Little Message by Shouter
A Lovely Little Message
Eyes that stalk your every move by Shouter
Eyes that stalk your every mov...
Personal Profile Picture #2: Smart Kiddo Foxxo by Shouter
Personal Profile Picture #2: S...
Sea Of Depravity by Shouter
Sea Of Depravity
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Personal Profile Picture #2: Smart Kiddo Foxxo by Shouter
Personal Profile picture #3 by Shouter
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I have become a joke, and I have come to do shit!
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Gentle Souls Die Young by Shouter
Me having a hand at being a [strike] failed[/strike] poet.
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Why must I exist? by Shouter
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I am also a bit of an absurd humorist.

I am jobless at the moment, and educationless, minus my father (I have a great relationship with my dad, I just like to use "father" in a grammatical setting)  providing facts and knowledge, I still need to get into a GED. The pre-GED book I had growing up is outdated.

I am a slight horror fanatic.
Spookies House of Jumpscares I find to be quiet fun.
I am a toonophile.
Cartoons from my childhood, that I very much loved to watch: Grims Adventure with Billy and Mandy. I find that I like Nergal.Jr. I imagine that his mother must've been satan as well. (I am looking for a mom that is like Satan)
I love RPGs.
I enjoy writing here an there.
And I love drawing.

I am a Vinesauce fan, I found Vinesauce years ago via youtube, and I just watch the archives. Joel is the most childish man, and I love that.

My hobbies are: Gaming and sometimes role playing. (For the time being. I do like to develop a character.)

I was GameCube, PS2, and Xbox era when it comes to growing up with video games.

|'-'-¥-€£'-'{^'°'-'°'}'-'¢'-'$|(I am here to take your Munny!)

Games I need to finish: Mother 1, Mother 3, Sly 2, Rayman Legands, Half Life Source, Morrowind (Modded because I prefer a more detailed Werewolf mod), Daggerfall (Though, the game is more fun to mess around in)
A Mother Series Fan, or, as it was known in the US EarthBound, I had a friend of my mother's suggest me to play it and some time after, I found out TobyFox (I love a childish man) Inspired from it, I HAD to actually try Mother 1, 2 and 3.
I am also a Kingdom Hearts fan, though I didn't have the necessary systems to play all of them other then Re:Coded from a Hastings (my actual mother did spoil me, though I always thought to share because it felt unfair, I've watched Malcolm in the Middle before and I could see the resemblance in my life), but 365/2 hadn't crossed my mind, and I only got to experience the demo version of Dream Drop Distance, some time later water got dumped all over my 2DS when I was asleep. The 3D feature gave me headaches after a while so I just settled with the 2DS, I tried my brother's 3DS before I asked for the system, I love gimmicky features but that was an eyestrain feature for my type of eyes.
··–_—·[Other stuff]·—_–····
" I do ask to please respect that I am on the autism spectrum, I am high functioning, it is Asperger's Syndrome like.
I only ask to understand that our minds are built differently, think of it like a different computer hardware, different phone brand, or a different CPU architecture.
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2 days, 16 hrs ago
Love Fallout New Vegas, I mainly go heavy gunner myself and I'd love to hear your ideas
3 weeks, 1 day ago
thanks a lot 4 watching buddy <3
1 month, 1 week ago
My Patreon is right there on my list of links, it'll always be there for ya c:
2 months, 2 weeks ago
Roooar! THank you so much for watching Del and Angry team :)
2 months, 2 weeks ago
Thank you for watching!
2 months, 3 weeks ago
Thanks~ I found you from all of the butt sniffing stuff I find, you're character is in a lot of them. x3
3 months, 1 week ago
I like your name *sniffs*
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