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Six Shifty Wifties by ShiftyTheB737
Six Shifty Wifties
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Six Shifty Wifties by ShiftyTheB737
Six Shifty Wifties
Five Happy Campers by ShiftyTheB737
Five Happy Campers
Ice Cream With Friends by ShiftyTheB737
Ice Cream With Friends
Slingshot Friends by ShiftyTheB737
Slingshot Friends
Childhood Friends by ShiftyTheB737
Childhood Friends
Friends Hangin Out by ShiftyTheB737
Friends Hangin Out
New Year Babies: Bentley, Shifty, Tito And Colt by ShiftyTheB737
New Year Babies: Bentley, Shif...
Quality Time With Friends by ShiftyTheB737
Quality Time With Friends
Group Picture With Friends by ShiftyTheB737
Group Picture With Friends
Shifty, Tito, Colt And Bentley The New Year Babies by ShiftyTheB737
Shifty, Tito, Colt And Bentley...
5 Mates by ShiftyTheB737
5 Mates
Hula Party - Coloured Version by ShiftyTheB737
Hula Party - Coloured Version
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Hello everyone, and welcome to my page! I'm Dan (also known as ShiftyGuy1994 on DA), and I am a 18 Year Old with Asperger Syndrome, A.D.D (Attention Deflict Disorder), And Autism. I also go through a condition called S.A.D (Season Affective Disorder). I'm currently a temporary employed senior (12th grader). Who is home-schooled, and I do all my schooling online and at the comfort of home. And I'm currently a temp worker at IDEXX Laboratories Inc.  I'm also a professional photographer in the making. Im not the best by any means (yet). But Im working and working to get better and better at it, and possibly good enough to get paid for it. That's my goal anyway. Anwyays, I started out DA with the username "TheHondaFan24". But I eventually changed it down the line to "ShiftyGuy1994". And I started out by posting screencaptures, and other odds and ends. Then, thanks to my DA brother Vy, I got back into drawing in early 2014. And I've been a traditional artist ever since!

What kind of person am I? What's my personality?
I am a Sagittarius (w/some Scorpio). Im generally a quiet, shy, and emotional guy. Im a pretty nice guy in general. But if someone pisses me off, they WILL hear about it. I don't take jokes or hate that easily. And Im VERY sensitive (and sometimes negative) around new people. I'm pretty much that type of person where if don't have to talk or speak, then I don't. I'm perfectly happy with being alone, and I don't let a lot of people into my life. Because I just don't need or want it. So If I let you into my life, consider yourself LUCKY. Seriously. Also because of my mood swings due to A.D.D and S.A.D, my mood can quickly change from happy to upset, or upset to happy, on and on. I'm also VERY outgoing. If I don't need to be kept inside my house, and/or if I have the chance to go somewhere that's.......not my house, I'm OUT! I love being outside and doing things outside of my house.

Interests and hobbies?
Well first off, I am a HUGE car enthusiast. I love cars, specifically Hondas/Acuras (That's where my old username comes from). I've been interested into cars since I was a very young age, and ever since my teenage years, It's grown into a HUGE hooby. I know a lot about the motors/parts they have as well as the models they create. But I also love American Muscle, Sports Cars, Supercars, pretty much ANYTHING as long as it's fast and sporty looking lol. In the summer time, I go to A LOT of car shows and events. I take LOTS of pictures of the cars that are there, and I get to ride in a lot of different cars. The list is LITERALLY un-countable.......If there's times where Im not online or at home, chances are........Im at a car show at this very moment lol. I'm very known, and very famous in the car scene. Everyone knows me, and what Im about and what I do. And that's why cars is just a huge passion to me, because everyone loves and supports what I do. And without them, my life wouldn't be where it's at right now.

ALSO, I love older electronics (specifically computers and laptops). I like to collect them, and I also DO work on them. I started REALLY getting into computers when I was about 10 years old. And ever since, my knowledge has gone through the roof in many ways I NEVER would have thought possible lol. Im pretty good about helping people out whenever I can. And Im pretty good at taking apart components on them. Im definitely no expert by any means, but Im still pretty good in general! If you have any any questions or problems with YOUR computer, try me! I might be able to help lol.

And yes, as you might already see, I do like drawing. Ive been drawing since I was REALLY little. And I have always loved to draw whatever idea I liked. I always have practiced to try and get better each and every time, and the dedication has been paying off! I'm still not the best artist in the world. And I'll ALWAYS be a traditional artist. But it's fun to do whenever I have the time, and/or motivation. And I don't have any means to try and get any better at it, since first off, I don't have any time. And well, Im perfectly happy with just lined paper, and regular colored pencils..........Lol.

And as far as other odd's and end's, I like photography. I LOVE being outside and going out places away from home. I love listening to music. I like playing video games. And in general, I like laying low and resting up. If I don't have anything planned or anything going on, I just sleep. Or I do what I normally love doing when Im home.

I DO NOT do art trades, or commisions. REQUESTS ARE PENDING. They are mostly for friends ONLY. And KEEP IN MIND, Some requests I will do, some I WON'T. It all depends on what the request is about. So, If I say NO, then NO I WILL NOT DO IT. I can be very impatient and annoyed sometimes with situations like this. So, please DO NOT pressure me if you give me a request. AGAIN, SOME I WILL NOT DO. So, PLEASE keep that in mind before you ask me.
Bullying/Cyberbullying IS NOT ALLOWED HERE. One bad comment, and your blocked permanently! And your comment will be hidden. Again, I don't take jokes or negativity well AT ALL. Im a very sensitive person! Plus, there's no need for negativity here.........

I DO NOT draw ANY type of pornography (Cause its the sickest thing in the world).

Again, DO NOT try and pressure me. Or it WILL result in me blocking you! Without fail!

Also, PLEASE ASK ME If you want to feature my art in groups, videos, or in any type of websites other than DA, ESPECIALLY. I generally don't mind if people use my art. But, I've had situations like this happen before where people use my art WITHOUT permission from me, and it REALLY offends me when someone uses my art without permission. So again, PLEASE ASK before you decide to use my art of any type of use. If I catch you using my art without ANY type of permission, I WILL take action! So, consider yourself warned!

Other Social Media Accounts?
I do have Facebook, Youtube, Photobucket, Furaffinity, Inkbunny, and Email. If you want my Facebook, contact me through notes.

MY DEVIANTART: http://shiftyguy1994.deviantart.com/

My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe.....zhBuqmlhvHchBw

My Photobucket: http://s1341.photobucket.com/user/H.....Fan97/profile/

My Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shiftyguy1994/

Conclusion (Last Minute Thoughts), So I hope you all enjoy my art! HOWEVER, since Im officially a busy guy, I don't much time AT ALL to draw anymore. So, I'll try and draw whenever I possibly have the chance to! And due to a internet situation, I WILL NOT be online AT ALL certain days of the week. The BEST time to catch me is on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and weekends. So again, thank you for viewing my art, as well as my page! And everyone, have a wonderful day and night! -ShiftyGuy1994 (Dan)
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2 months ago
Im alright I got to submit a Shifty pic today
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thank you for the faves
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10 months, 2 weeks ago
10 months, 2 weeks ago
Many thanx for the watch!^^
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