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Trick Moon: Trickshot by ShiftyGuy1994
Trick Moon: Trickshot
Hey everyone. So it's been a while since I've even updated you guys about anything that's been happening lately. And as I'm sure you've noticed, I didn't draw and upload anything this week. And I've a...
2 months, 3 weeks ago
FINALLY Updated!!! And A Few Rules For New Viewers..........
Alright so over the past couple days, I've just been just absolutely BUSY as heck trying to update my Inkbunny account. And I'm FINALLY able to announce, that my Inkbunny page is FINALLY updated.........
3 years ago
Uploads In Progress!..........
Alright so as some of you can tell, I've already started uploading my art onto here! I decided that yes, I'm going to give Inkbunny a shot, and see how it goes. So far it seems to be going alright. Th...
3 years ago
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Trick Moon: Trickshot by ShiftyGuy1994
Trick Moon: Trickshot
Trick Moon: Trickshot by ShiftyGuy1994
Trick Moon: Trickshot
Trick Moon: Trickshot by ShiftyGuy1994
Trick Moon: Trickshot
Trick Moon: Trickshot by ShiftyGuy1994
Trick Moon: Trickshot
Trick Moon: Trickshot by ShiftyGuy1994
Trick Moon: Trickshot
Mini Wolf: Cuddley by ShiftyGuy1994
Mini Wolf: Cuddley
Mini Wolf: Cuddley by ShiftyGuy1994
Mini Wolf: Cuddley
Mini Wolf: Cuddley by ShiftyGuy1994
Mini Wolf: Cuddley
Mini Wolf: Gus by ShiftyGuy1994
Mini Wolf: Gus
Mini Wolf: Gus by ShiftyGuy1994
Mini Wolf: Gus
Mini Wolf: Gus by ShiftyGuy1994
Mini Wolf: Gus
Napoleon And Mini Wolf: Bullies Can Change by ShiftyGuy1994
Napoleon And Mini Wolf: Bullie...
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Trick Moon: Trickshot by ShiftyGuy1994
Trick Moon: Trickshot by ShiftyGuy1994
Trick Moon: Trickshot by ShiftyGuy1994
Trick Moon
5 submissions
Mini Wolf by ShiftyGuy1994
Mini Wolf by ShiftyGuy1994
Mini Wolf by ShiftyGuy1994
Mini Wolf
13 submissions
Skippy by ShiftyGuy1994
Mookie by ShiftyGuy1994
Skippy by ShiftyGuy1994
FTC/Baby Felix
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Autumn Fun
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Greetings to everyone and anyone. For first time viewers, welcome to my page!

I'm Dan, (Also VERY well known on DA as ShiftyGuy1994). And I am a 21 Year Old with MANY disabilities. Including Asperger Syndrome, A.D.D, A.D.H.D, Autism, and a couple other disabilities. I'm also a victim of Anxiety and Depression. I go through it a lot, and it makes life hard sometimes. But, I always get through it. I'm a self employed high school dropout (I did not graduate). And I'm currently in the works of starting my own photography business. As well as possibly a computer business on the side. I'm extremely passionate with photography and video, as well as computers.

Anyways, so when did I join InkBunny? How did I get here?
I started and created my Inkbunny account back on November 2016. Right after my 18th birthday I believe. I originally created this account to post up art that is NEVER shown before on my DA (and even my FA account). But at first, I never posted anything up here. Since I actually didn't like this page at first. I just used it to browse and look at art that normally is never shown on DA anymore. However back in late 2016 (also while I was updating my FA account), was when I uploaded ALL my artwork onto here. And I made this account active and updated. This account will continue to be used to post all of my artwork, just like on DA and FurAffinity. However, I do post art on here (and on Furaffinity) that I normally NEVER post on DA. Like potty pics, and mooning pics for instance.

What kind of person am I? What's my personality?
I am a Sagittarius (w/some Scorpio). Because I suffer from Anxiety and Depression, I go through A LOT of mixed emotions and thoughts. It's NOT a fun thing to go through. (To the people who don't suffer from Anxiety, I envy you). But generally, the normal me is quiet, kind and passionate. Im generally a nice person. I love to talk to people, I love to put myself out there in the world, and I'm very active with what I do in life. I'm VERY different from everyone else who are "Normal". I have different views of life than other people, I have different talents and interests than other people, I can think and do things differently than other people. I'm just very different. And that's what makes me happy in life. Just being different from others. Though people can judge, which oh well. It won't stop me from doing what I love and achieve my goals.

And though I do share my nice side, I do have my breaking points and my bad days like anyone else. If someone messes with me or says something I don't like, I have no problem letting people know how I feel about them or what they do. Piss me off, and I will take action! Whether it's in person, or through the internet. I'm NOT the type to fight or argue, but I will defend myself and stand my grounds if I have to. And PLEASE remember, I do suffer from disabilities. So, think about what you say before you comment or note me.

Interests and hobbies?
Well first off, I am a HUGE car enthusiast. I love cars, specifically Hondas/Acuras (That's where my old username comes from). I've been interested into cars since I was a very young age. Since the Fast And Furious era. And ever since my teenage years, It's grown into more than just a hobby. It's grown into a HUGE part of what I do for a living. I know a lot about the motors/parts they have as well as the models they create. I basically love pretty much ANYTHING as long as it's fast, and sporty looking lol. But, I'm mostly a Import Tuner guy, and a Supercar guy. And I also have a HUGE soft spot in American Muscle/Domestic cars too. In the summer time, I go to A LOT of car shows and events. Which is where my photography business comes into play. I take TONS and TONS of Automotive pictures and videos. And throughout my years being a Automotive photographer, I've been able to look at, and also ride shotgun in some of the most UNIQUE cars on the planet. From Lamborghini Aventadors, to Dodge Cornets and what not. The list is just endless. It's such a amazing and rewarding experience.

AND, I love electronics. Specifically computers and laptops. ESPECIALLY the older ones. Like the Windows 9x era machines. I like to collect them, and I work on them as well. I've also built a few of my OWN computers from scratch, from spare parts. And yes they actually work too lol. I always had a thing from electronics since I was a baby. But, I started REALLY getting into computers when I was about 10 years old. And ever since, my knowledge has gone through the roof in many ways I NEVER would have thought possible lol. Im pretty good about helping people out whenever I can. I'm more of the hardware type of guy. Which means replacing components inside and out of a computer. I'm OKAY of software, but it's definitely not my area of expertise. Im definitely not an extreme expert by any means, but Im still pretty good in general. If you have any any questions or problems with YOUR computer, try me! I might be able to help lol.

And yes, as you might already see, I love drawing too lol. I'm a full time traditional artist. Nothing else. I mostly draw fan art of my favorite cartoon characters, from my favorite cartoon shows. Ive been drawing since I was REALLY little. And I have always loved to draw whatever idea I thought of. Back when I was a kid, I MOSTLY drew pictures and idea of cars. But, here and there I'd draw fan art of cartoon characters. Though, I didn't do it a lot back then like I do now lol. I'm pretty much a self-learned artist. Though I did take part of an art program one year when I was a kid. And I also took part of an after school program for art when I was in middle school. It helped make quite a difference in the way I draw.

However, I can't draw straight from mind. I ALWAYS need a reference(s) when I draw. And I take drawings step by step, and slow too. I like to aim for perfection when I draw. And some drawings will take me HOURS to finish, some will LITERALLY take me DAYS to finish. Like an entire weekend sometimes. Drawing is no easy task I've learned. And everyone always asks me, why do you ALWAYS draw with lined paper? Well, believe it or not, the lines on lined paper actually HELP me when I draw. When it comes to curves and positions and what not. It's weird, but that's just how I do it lol.

I DO NOT do art trades, or commissions. REQUESTS ARE PENDING. They are mostly for friends ONLY. And PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, Some requests I will do, some I WON'T. It all depends on what the request is. So, If I say NO, then NO I'm not going to do it. I can be very impatient and annoyed sometimes with situations like this. So, please DO NOT pressure me if you give me a request. AGAIN, SOME (POSSIBLY MOST) I WILL NOT DO. So, please keep that in mind before you ask me.

Bullying/Cyberbullying IS NOT ALLOWED HERE. One bad comment, and your blocked permanently. And your comment will be hidden. Again, I don't take jokes or negativity well AT ALL. Im a very sensitive person. Plus, there's no need for negativity here.........

I DO NOT draw ANY type of pornography (Cause its the sickest thing in the world). I DO draw potty pics, as well as mooning pics. But I never like to take them that far. You all should know what I mean by that.

Again, DO NOT try and pressure me. Or it WILL result in me blocking you. Without fail!

Also, PLEASE ASK ME If you want to feature my art in groups, videos, or in any type of websites other than DA, ESPECIALLY. I generally don't mind if people use my art. But, I've had situations like this happen before where people use my art WITHOUT permission from me, and it REALLY offends me when someone uses my art without permission. So again, PLEASE ASK before you decide to use my art of any type of use. If I catch you using my art without ANY type of permission, I WILL take action!

ALSO, I DO (of course) have a DeviantArt account, as well as a FurAffinity account. Here's the links to them if you are interested:

DeviantArt (My MAIN Art Page): https://shiftyguy1994.deviantart.com

FurAffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shiftyguy1994/

Conclusion (Last Minute Thoughts): So I hope you all like and enjoy my artwork and pictures. HOWEVER, just keep in mind that I don't much time anymore to draw. Since I'm busy with my photography business, and personal life as well. Just know I'll try and draw whenever I possibly can. So again, thank you for viewing my art, as well as my page! And to everyone, have a wonderful and blessfull day and night. -ShiftyGuy1994 (Dan)
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2 months, 4 weeks ago
You do resquets?
3 months, 3 weeks ago
6 months, 3 weeks ago
That's alright.  Feel free to draw Buggy if you want! 👍
6 months, 3 weeks ago
Thanks. 😉

You're welcome to do an artwork of Buggy if you want.  Just ask if you have your own character.
6 months, 3 weeks ago
8 months, 1 week ago
8 months, 2 weeks ago
Don’t worry I posted a notice from the situation and ordeal that you have trouble with.
9 months, 2 weeks ago
Yeah, me too.
9 months, 2 weeks ago
Oh, do I believe it.
Confusing as heck. xD
9 months, 2 weeks ago
Thanks. :)
Yeah, I noticed that. It's just like on Fur Affinity
and it really confused me back when I created an account there. xD
10 months, 3 weeks ago
Thx! :3
11 months ago
Thx! :3

I see you've a new avatar. :3
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