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Slingshot Friends by ShiftyTheBoeing737
Slingshot Friends
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Slingshot Friends by ShiftyTheBoeing737
Slingshot Friends
Childhood Friends by ShiftyTheBoeing737
Childhood Friends
Friends Hangin Out by ShiftyTheBoeing737
Friends Hangin Out
New Year Babies: Bentley, Shifty, Tito And Colt by ShiftyTheBoeing737
New Year Babies: Bentley, Shif...
Quality Time With Friends by ShiftyTheBoeing737
Quality Time With Friends
Group Picture With Friends by ShiftyTheBoeing737
Group Picture With Friends
Shifty, Tito, Colt And Bentley The New Year Babies by ShiftyTheBoeing737
Shifty, Tito, Colt And Bentley...
5 Mates by ShiftyTheBoeing737
5 Mates
Hula Party - Coloured Version by ShiftyTheBoeing737
Hula Party - Coloured Version
Tito As Blinky Bill by ShiftyTheBoeing737
Tito As Blinky Bill
Two Awesome and Cute and Adorable Koala Boys by ShiftyTheBoeing737
Two Awesome and Cute and Adora...
The Biggest Dare Yet by ShiftyTheBoeing737
The Biggest Dare Yet
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Hello to all. I'm Dan (ShiftyGuy1994 from DA), and I am a 18 Year Old with Asperger Syndrome, A.D.D (Attention Deflict Disorder), And Autism. I am homeschooled and I work at home. Im very different from most people. Ive been bullied and abused throughout my school life. I used to cry a lot. Sometimes for no reason too in fact. I have different interests from most people else and I can be smarter than some people in some cases. So, Ive always been a easy target for bullies and teasing.

What Kinda Guy Am I? Im a very quiet, shy, and emotional guy. I can be strong whenever I need to be. But, I can have a open mouth when it comes to my interests. I have a lot of interests, but I am very VERY brainy when it comes to Cars and Electronics. I could go on and on when it comes to those things lol. And sometimes I like to spend way too much time admiring things like that too lol. I can easily be impatient sometimes (So I apologize If I ever snap). You could also call me a Loner. I like to be alone (Since Ive been alone throughout my life) and have time to myself. I only need the friends I know well and trust. And I get tense, unsure, and sometimes annoyed when someone I dont know messages me or contacts me.

Interests? I absolutely love cars! I specifically love Hondas/Acuras (That's where my old username comes from). I know a lot about the motors/parts they have as well as the models they create. I also love American Muscle cars and Supercars.
I ALSO love Computers/Laptops (especially Old School ones). I like to collect them and I work on them. Im pretty good about helping people out whenever I can and Im pretty good at taking apart components on them. Im definitely not a expert right now, but Im still pretty good with electronics. Of course, I do like drawing. Ive been drawing since I was REALLY little and I have always loved to draw whatever I like. I always have practiced to try and get better each and every time, and It really has paid off for me! So, I hope you like what I post! I also like picture taking and video recording. I like to sleep. I like going places and getting out of the house. Im sure Im missing a few other interests I like lol. But, those are the interests I know and love BEST.

I DO NOT DO ART TRADES, OR COMMISSIONS. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED (For now). If they ever get re-opened, they WILL BE PENDING. Some requests I will do, some I wont. It all depends on what the request is about. So, If it DOES NOT interest me or if its too difficult for me, then NO I will NOT DO IT. And I would like requests to stay involved with my favorite characters or shows. Again, I can be very impatient and annoyed sometimes. So, please DO NOT pressure me if you give me a request. AGAIN, SOME I WILL NOT DO. So, keep that in mind before you ask.
Bullying/Cyberbullying IS NOT ALLOWED HERE. One bad comment, and your blocked permanently! You will be reported, and your comment will be hidden! Go take your rage elsewhere!! I have no time to deal with negativity!
I DO NOT draw porn (Cause its just sick)
Again, please dont try and pressure me. Or It will result in me blocking you!
PLEASE ASK ME If you want to feature my art in groups or videos or something in that nature. If I find my drawings or screencaptures being used WITHOUT permission, you will be reported! I really dislike people like that! So, please just ask me first.

Other Social Media Accounts?
I do have Youtube, Furaffinity, DeviantArt, and Email.

My Email: yahoo.com

MY DA PAGE: http://shiftyguy1994.deviantart.com/

My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeAnlOTJvzhBuqmlhvHchBw

My Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shiftyguy1994/

That's all I need to say here. So, again I hope you all enjoy what I post and thank you for visiting! I truly appreciate it. Meanwhile, happy viewing and have a good day! -Dan
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thank you for the faves
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Many thanx for the watch!^^
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