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Animated Blinking Avatars for Sale by ShadowPhox
Animated Blinking Avatars for Sale
Please Help!  Offering Cheap Commissions!
So I got booked on the Viva transit system and fined $155 because I lost my ticket. In other words, I got fined for PAYING to ride the bus and losing my proof. So, to raise money to pay this fine off,...
8 years, 7 months ago
Yuri Vaimer [Allegations Bio]
Name:  Yuri Vaimer [Yooh-rree Fah-ee-murr] Age:  19 Species:  Axis Deer Origin:  Germany Position:  Flexible Bottom Occupation:  Librarian Major:  Philosophy, Poetry ‌Interests & Likes:   Philosophy,...
9 years ago
Luna Dúpont [Allegations Bio]
Name:  Luvért “Luna” Dúpont [Luu-vehrt “Loo-na” Duu-pognt] Age:  18 Species:  Black-Chocolate Lab Origin:  France Position:  Submissive Bottom Occupation:  Seamstress Major:  Fashion Design ‌Interest...
9 years ago
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Animated Blinking Avatars for Sale by ShadowPhox
Animated Blinking Avatars for ...

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Animated Blinking Avatars for Sale by ShadowPhox
Animated Avatars
A pool for all the animated avatars people will [hopefully] buy.
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'Sup. So, I'm the one known as Sephy, Kalen, WhitePhox, or ShadowPhox. I'm a boy. I like it up the bum. Oh bby.

Do not be frightened by my massive tallness or my womanly figure, but do be frightened by the fact that I will bite you for no apparent reason. Be VERY afraid.

Aside from that, I'm absolutely adorable! So love me, I'm cute! And hold on tight, or I'll blow away with the wind!

Opening up commissions soon; once I can figure out stupid fucking PayPal.


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