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Rawr by Scorpion451
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I'm a straight-edge punk with a southern drawl. My inspiration comes from the weirdness of reality.
I am a more-or-less clean artist- I'm no prude, but I do try to steer clear of the gutter.
My style lies in the strange intersection of Traditional Fine Art, Dynamic Drawing, Pulp Comics, Manga, Impressionism, Digital Rapid Concept Painting Techniques and a little too much caffeine.
What I lack in formal art training I make up for by sheer stubbornness and a total ignorance (and indifference) to what supposedly can't be done. Call it the art equivalent of duck tape engineering.
Everything I know about art I have learned by trying things that I have no idea how to do, and grinding at them until either the piece is completely destroyed or perfect, whichever comes last.
(Think on that one for a while and it starts to make sense. When it does, you're thinking like I do. You get used to it.;) )

I don't particularly favor any one style or school of art, but I'm a fan of pulp and ashcan art especially; gritty, scratchy, and messy has its own sort of beauty to me.
Lately, though, I've been falling in love again with high realism after burning out on it several years ago and pursuing expressionism and comic-style art trying to break the overly-formal rut I was in.

I like to get feedback and constructive critiques, but try to be nice please. "Its my nature" and all of that.
C/|||<< <-scorpion
I can also get quite shy sometimes, especially when someone compliments my work
Just because I don't respond doesn't mean I'm ignoring you-it might actually mean that you've got me saying "aww, shucks..." ^~^;

I do good commissions for dirt cheap -
as in, prices starting at $5 US for a greyscale digital painting.
My only rule is that I don't do anything beyond R rated.
As I mention in my commission info, though- I'm a straight-edger, not a prude. If in doubt, go ahead and ask.
Pinups, muscle, macro/micro, etc, even artistic nudes, are all fine...basically, I'll do Ecchi but no PrOn.
No wing taxes or what have you, either- to me, a characters a character, whether they're a Selikie, a winged dragon, or a centaur.
More complexity just means more interesting, so its the same price per character no matter what.
(at least until you hit the "Centipede-taur" point...absurd complexity might cost extra. XD)
I'm your typical straight guy, and thus like drawing girls a teeny bit more,
(not to the creepy point, for those concerned about that; I'm a gentleman artist who respects your foxgirl's dignity even when drawing a pinup ^_^)
but I also enjoy drawing guys because of my classical influences- figure drawings make for interesting puzzles, so I have fun with them no matter what. :)
You can find my prices and contact info here:
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