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I am a furry, and proud of it, and I love to make "Furry art", or Anthropomorphic art. with the kind of characteristics portrayed in Disney movies. Also, I enjoy making some gothic graffiti abstract designs, and computer generated fractal arts, which have won awards in some art shows. I am also an avid writer, with genres such as science fiction, and action. My writings have also won many awards, and have gotten published. I am currently working on another science fiction novel about post apocalyptic survivors.

Music is also a huge part of my interests, with genres including Deathcore, Emocore, Post-hardcore, and surprisingly, classical music. I have recording studio equipment and make my own deathcore albums, and musical covers. Although my screaming skills sound perfected, I still have a lot to learn about proper vocal techniques. I can do false chord, but I am still working on vocal fry screams. I also play every instrument possible, including flute, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, violin, bassoon, piccolo, guitar, bass, drums, and so much more. I started out playing flute, and taught myself the rest.

How I view the world is rare for my age group. I think all people should be treated equally, no matter what they've done, what they believe in, color, sex, orientation, appearance, etc. Nobody should be put down for who they are. Nobody should be forced to change who they are. Be yourself, do what you love, for our days are short on this earth. You never know if you are going to be dead tomorrow, so make the best of it. Nobody should be bullied because they are different. People need to learn to accept others the way they are. This world is becoming exceedingly corrupt because of it.

Some other activities I enjoy are skateboarding, making youtube videos, swimming, making inventions, and just hanging out with friends. I hope this insight into my life helps you to understand who I am as an individual.
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