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Moonlight by RathTheYote
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You Call This 'Normal?' by RathTheYote
You Call This 'Normal?'
On the 14th of Every Month by RathTheYote
On the 14th of Every Month
The Final Frontier by RathTheYote
The Final Frontier
Moonlight by RathTheYote
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Ratherence Sheet
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Lighthouse for my love
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Something Sketchy by RathTheYote
Something Sketchy
From my FA:

Species: A coyote, I think?
Fur Colors: Red and tan, man.
Sex: Male, I am pretty sure...
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual...
Relationship Status: Bugger off, I'm taken, end of story.
Favorite Color: Ehh... Green.
Features: The same features on any other coyote I presume.
Personality: Wild and a rebel, most-of-the-time asshole.
Favorite Biome: Coniferous forests.
Home: An Arizonan desert cave den.
Stuff You Should Know: What exactly should you know about me? Just the stuff you already know.
Origin: My origin... I think I was a science experiment.
History: I was a dead body. I became zombie coyote. I became normal coyote. I was given an actual name. All in the span of 10 or 11 years. Besides having a bit of a heartbreak when a mate of mine found someone else when I left for a year (forgot my password.) I do one day want to reconnect with them but it has been years and..... No, not doing that shit again.
Mood Range (for example, your versions of jealous to shy, angry to lonely, happy to sad): Pissed to soft-spotted, angry to weirded-out, devious to disappointed.
Likes: Cookies, muffins, cookie dough, icecream, tea, fire.
Dislikes: Rug burns, cake, birthday parties, steam.
Biography: ..... I'm going to be a househusband.
Ruthless: I picked ruthless because I am Ravenous, Unrelenting, Dangerous and every now and then I am Endearing. Wait that spells rude...
Adventurous: I like adventure and socializing, though I hate society.
Thoughtful: I do not know, I think a lot, probably over-think things and some people say I am plotting but eh...
Hasty: I am just a bit too hasty sometimes it is interesting.
Mean: Most of the time I am a bit mean or something, I do not really feel as though I owe any apologies so I do not bother with the shit.
Understudy: Um... not too sure why I put this crap here.
Nefarious: Nice addition here, only if it made sense, right?
Demoralizing: Dangerous, oblivious to some things, and knowledgeable.

 It is in alphabetical order, I love them both.

I am going to be doing weekly journals just talking about random shit from the week on Saturdays, I will still do the random "bumps" as I call them about what I am currently doing or going to do just incase anyone wants an update throughout the week.
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