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Hey there! I'm Rafi, a 20 year old Norwegian cheetah dude who's currently studying for a bachelor's degree in IT. And... I'm a furry and a huge TF junkie. As for the latter, I'm not sure why, it's just something I've always found fascinating, for a variety of reasons. I started lurking around TF art sites long ago, and have gradually grown the balls to come out of my own safe bubble, and socialize more with the community and making more out of my fantasies through commissions. I have no artistic talents to speak of, so I'm more a watcher/lurker than anything. I'm trying to get better at encouraging all the great and talented artists in the fandom by commenting etc., so that's something, I guess...

As you can probably tell from my gallery already, my fursona is a cheetah. I've gone a bit back and forth between different felines through the years, but have more or less settled down on the cheetah now. I have an affinity towards canines, reptiles and mythical beasties like dragons, but cats are the animals I identify with the most (especially the cheetah). So it was a pretty natural choice for me. I really feel like my fursona refletcs who I am, and what I wish to be. It's not some separate character, it's just... me. It sounds cheesy, I know, but I like to be cheesy, 'kay?
*puts on sunglasses* deal w/it

I play lots and lots of video games in my free time. Over time I've gradually leant more and more towards PC gaming, although I have no plans for giving up the Nintendo systems. Despite having the good ol' GameCube as my favorite console (and N64 as my primary source of nostalgia), I mostly play on my Wii U and 3DS nowadays. So if anyone wants to play some Smash or Mario Kart 8 with me, I'm game.
Although gaming takes up a lot of my free time, I have some other interests too. I listen to a lot of music, love taking walks, and I'm an active football supporter for the local team SK Brann Bergen. I'm a terrible football player, but I love and support the club of my heart through good and bad times.

And there you have me! If you ever want to chat with me or just drop me a message, I'll try not to bite too hard. I promise!
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