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Scott "Scotty" Denagus by RyuuYouki
Scott "Scotty" Denagus
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Scott "Scotty" Denagus by RyuuYouki
Scott "Scotty" Denagus
by RyuuYouki
Dragonite Mama by Larvy
Dragonite Mama
by Larvy
Alfador Fluffie From Future (by Firebringer) by Alfador
Alfador Fluffie From Future (b...
by Alfador
Door Sign (by Cloversix) by Alfador
Door Sign (by Cloversix)
by Alfador
Fox Kits In Love by ReynardFox
Fox Kits In Love
woot by Shwee
by Shwee
washwashwash with a bluufa! by lepkitty
washwashwash with a bluufa!
by lepkitty
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7 years, 10 months ago
aw i'm sorry about that ;A; i think thats why i don't want to try them i still would like to take poprocks on their own with skittles and eat them at the same time :3
7 years, 10 months ago
You know what... I just got back from the pharmacy and saw those supposed pop rock skittles (fizzled fruits) for the first time and picked them up. This was not even five minutes ago. It had the salty aftertaste of alkaseltzer and it made me gag. I had about five up them before I gave up on it =(
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