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Dylan Beekler by MySpaceBarIsBroken
Dylan Beekler
Oh me, oh my.
I need to get up off my ass and start drawing up some shit mane, cause... I mean, I been active for a good while to be honest, so why not try to kick off my inactivity with some drawings! So I guess s...
2 years ago
Starting up...
Oh boy! I'm just starting up an account on this puppy or bunny I don't know... And just giving it a try, umm, what to expect here, is some Lolis, Cubs (I mean I'll give a shot at them), Shotas (why th...
2 years, 5 months ago
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Dylan Beekler by MySpaceBarIsBroken
Dylan Beekler
Good Morning ! by VS
Good Morning !
by VS
Gothic Miis by ConFidential
Gothic Miis
Squid or Kid by kevinsano
Squid or Kid
by kevinsano
Buffling by Amuzoreh
by Amuzoreh
Walk in to hell like, Hey honey I'm home!

I'm just a weirdo who's in his teens that wrote this, and umm, I don't know, just clueless on what to do and what to draw. Actually no, I know what to draw but I'll experience it and try to share it with you guys, if you like it or not, it's cool! I understand that your not into this type of thing. It's totally cool, other than that I could go for something more of your liking if you want me to, all you have to do is ask, nothing more. I do shit for free, but I do has some restrictions, so you can PM me if you want to discuss more things.

Now let me get this off my chest, I draw lolis, I don't know one day I just thought of it as a gag or a goof, then just started to learn it, then with that I'll just try to draw up some Cubs and lolis as the same time too so that my human works won't be flagged and stuff. Now with the Cubs, I guess I'll let more of that fetish or kink out than anything else on here. Also I'll try to draw up my OCs, since it been such a while since I did so, cause I did draw some furry stuff at one point then stopped. Now I'm going to revive that back just for fun.

Uh, as far as my mind goes, this is all I can think of at the moment, I hope to make some friends on this bitch, and make some enemy's as well. But other than that I hope to have fun on here too! So I'll leave you furfags with this, fucks with me homie!
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