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We are all Furries by Monoko
We are all Furries
Monoko might just be able to play live now
You might be happy to hear that I'm planning to play my music live as soon as the conventions start opening up again so in my case the earliest might be NFC 2021. I just acquired a TC-Electronics Voic...
10 months, 1 week ago
Tried again...
So you won't believe what happened today! No just kidding, it wasn't "that" big of a deal really but this morning I listened to a pre-mix of my new song and went over it just to listent to it, capture...
10 months, 1 week ago
Onto the next downtime...
Hey everyone who is awaiting a new song from me, I got news for you that might not really encourage that hope. Those who know my upload schedule will know that such a thing is non-existent. It's usua...
10 months, 3 weeks ago
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We are all Furries by Monoko
We are all Furries
New Song Teaser ;) by Monoko
New Song Teaser ;)
My rack's got an upgrade by Monoko
My rack's got an upgrade
Monoko - Megaman Late At Night (2014 Lapfoxtrax Cover) by Monoko
Monoko - Megaman Late At Night...
Monoko - Wearing a collar (2011) by Monoko
Monoko - Wearing a collar (201...

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New Song Teaser ;) by Monoko
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Ah yo. Monoko here. Mainly I make music for fun....could be anything, Hip Hop, Electronic Stuff, Rock....so yeah. My life has been filled with creativity. :D I've been through drawing stuff, Manga stuff mostly, I sometimes try to draw furries but I really suck at it. Believe me. XD I've been playing in a thrashcore band as a bassist and I play that instrument somewhat well. I Like to play rock, funky stuff, metal. I sing...somewhat acceptable. But for all my creative "skills" I never practiced in this focused kind of way that some people like to get into. I just played and became better. I hate practicing for the sake of getting better. Totally sucks and is damn boring if you ask me.

My musical road has also lead to that I have musical equipment standing around wich is worth more than I ought to possess compared to my actual "skills". My musical skills just dont justify all the equipment I have but I like to have it to show off a bit and to just have it. Yeah I'm that kind of person. *grins*

I would totally love to collaborate with other furs, it's what I'm here for! >.< Need a cool bass line? Some guitar chops maybe? Need something mixed? Shoot me a message and I will try not to bite you way too hard if thats ok with you? There is also something you could help me with, I would love to work with a vocalist that is into the more raw and screaming style.
There are some projects where I could need some extra raw brutal deadly angry screams so if you're interested, hit me up! YEAH!!
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