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Hi everyone, I'm Meteu! Thanks for coming by to visit!

Personally, I'm a geek, nondoubts about it. My particular fields of interest are anime, sci-fi/fantasy writing (this includes the various "punk" genres like cyberpunk, Steampunk, etc.), gaming of all varieties, and travel. I'm also a bit of a government and economics nerd, and I do sometimes rant about those subjects (I'm a right-leaning centrist on financial/foreign policy; fairly liberal on social policy). I love to explore new cultures, especially from a culinary perspective. I've been fortunate enough to live in both Europe and East Asia. My current stomping grounds are in the Dallas area of Texas.

I've been involved with the furry community since 2013 when I started seeing my mate DiddyWolf, although I had been "furry-adjacent" since I lived in Pittsburgh in the mid-2000's (several of my friends up there are furs).

Like myself, my character has several different perspectives. I don't seperate the three, they're all Meteu, just at different age points. Meteu is an American Grizzly/Brown Bear. I have generally standard colors for a Grizzly/Brown bear. Main fur color is a milk chocolate brown that fades nearly to a khaki/tan color at the chest/belly. Silver highlights are scattered throughout my main fur at the tips of the hairs. I have a black nose and black pawpads, with just a touch of black fur on the tips of my fingers and toes (at my claws). My eyes are hazel green. My ears are fully furred inside and out; the left one is brown like the rest of my fur, however, the right one is completely black.

The Cub:
Here Meteu is your typical 2-3 year old bear cub boy. He is rambunctious and adventurous; he loves to play with everything from Lego to coloring books to splashing through mud puddles. He isn't particularly bratty, is generally a fairly sweet boy. However, he has been known to get growly and whiny on long days where he hasn't had a nap, and has earned his fair share of spankings. Meteu is still in diapers, isn't embarrassed by it, has shown no real interest in potty training, and is honestly confused why the bigger cubs think being trained is such a big deal. Although he is definitely a boy, he really loves wearing pink, and will often wear traditionally "girly" things like skirts or sundresses.

The Daddy Bear:
In this role, Meteu is the adoptive Daddy of a 4 year old blue furred wolf pup, and often plays the role of caretaker to other cubs that wander across his path. He is generally a fair Daddy, only meteing out discipline when it is deserved. He is a strong believer in maintenance spankings though, and he is well aware that cubs sometimes get away with things that escape the big's notice. He takes particular pleasure in taking the cubs to fun places like the park, zoo, aquariums, or the beach. He always keeps a diaper bag packed and ready to go for the next adventure!

The Adult Bear:
By all appearances, Meteu is a normal adult business bear, who is quietly adept at his day job, and has simple interests. However, that hides many aspects of his personality.
First, he is an inveterate geek and a hopeless intellectual, who loves a good game, a deep anime/movie, an enthralling book, or long-ranging discussion on politics, economics, and philosophy. He is often spirited in debate and expects his partners to be the same.
Second, he had a strong belief in the Balance, and the need for all things to be in balance in order to seek harmony in one's life. He has a strong interest in the Native American shamanistic traditions and the Druidic traditions of Ireland and Northern Europe due to their emphasis on balance and their ties to the Earth. He feels most at peace when he has a chance to retreat to the woods and mountains away from the chaos of modern urban life.
Third, he is quite the kinky bear. He is practiced in a variety of BDSM playstyles, including rope-play, impact play, fire play, watersports, etc. He is also very interested in ABDL/ageplay/diaper play. He and his mate often play with other men; one of their favorite activities is group sex. In keeping with his belief in the Balance, Meteu is a switch in both the Dom/sub and Top/bottom spectrums, although he is primarily a Dom/Top.
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