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WIP - Winona and Laminax by LapisLazuli93
WIP - Winona and Laminax
8 months, 1 week ago
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WIP - Winona and Laminax by LapisLazuli93
WIP - Winona and Laminax
Reference - Terence Kingsleigh Hightopp by LapisLazuli93
Reference - Terence Kingsleigh...
Naruto Shippuden - Naruko Namikaze (MY VERSION!!) by LapisLazuli93
Naruto Shippuden - Naruko Nami...
MS Paint - Lapis Lazuli by LapisLazuli93
MS Paint - Lapis Lazuli
Wander Over Yonder/ OC - Winona by LapisLazuli93
Wander Over Yonder/ OC - Winon...
Taiream by LapisLazuli93
gooooood evening everybody by LapisLazuli93
gooooood evening everybody
Christmas Carol {Past and Future}  by LapisLazuli93
Christmas Carol {Past and Futu...
Jeana The HedgeFox  by LapisLazuli93
Jeana The HedgeFox
Jace Juniper/Azalea by CeruleanTea
Jace Juniper/Azalea
Janerice Comic "Convergence of Fate" page 226-230 by CobaltPie
Janerice Comic "Convergence of...
by CobaltPie
Mother's day by CobaltPie
Mother's day
by CobaltPie
Alone by AngelofHapiness
Huggles by SheepMilks
Silvamy by SweetSilvy
[SilvAmy] by SheepMilks
Silvamy - gift by Sweetcornchan
Silvamy - gift
Star Redesign by Thehegcat
Star Redesign
by Thehegcat
Hello! My name is Gabriela but, please call me Natalie, Gaby or Lan!

My birthday is July 3, 1997!

I'm Hetero!

I don't have Boyfriend

I'm Agnostic. Please don't shove any religion in my face.

I have random and own insprations. I like share my arts. If someone likes, cool, if not, that's okay.

I have my onw FanCharacter named the same "Jeana ''prower'' Amulet" and ''Pegasette'' My Smurfs Oc. My favorite sonic couple is Silver x Amy. I love draw Silvamy. My favorite Smurfs Couples is Smurfette x Hefty and My OC with Handy Smurf ^^

I draw Jeana and Sil (Sil belongs to Sammi-arts) too. I like draw relationship between them both.

Each of us has the right to draw whatever want. I'm here not only share my arts, but for people who can show own opinion with respect for artist (even no matter what draws). Respect each other.
my gallery is no for:

*hate arts and any hurt art
*cub porn

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 9,5
Insanity: 5
Maturity: 7


I have severe anxiety problems. I have G.A.D and S.A.D. It makes it really hard for me to talk to mostly anyone except close friends. Please don't get mad at me if I do not respond. I'm more then likely too scared to answer at the time.

Because of the issue stated above, I have a hard time taking criticism, so if you do give it, please be gentle with me.

I tend to vent a lot in journals or status updates, I suggest that if it becomes annoying to just unwatch them.

I have some pretty strong opinions on somethings and will get very angry if someone tries to change my mind.

I tend to have a really crude and offensive sense of humor, if you get offended, unwatch me. Don't start drama. I'm not interested.
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