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Jolteon's Air Balloon by Kyrushi
Jolteon's Air Balloon
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Jolteon's Air Balloon by Kyrushi
Jolteon's Air Balloon
SMT x Pokemon by Kyrushi
SMT x Pokemon
Misc. Meowstic Sketches by Kyrushi
Misc. Meowstic Sketches
Mega Audino by Kyrushi
Mega Audino
A Strange Pair of Glasses by Kyrushi
A Strange Pair of Glasses
Fake starter sketches by Kyrushi
Fake starter sketches
Spiribloom by Kyrushi
Squirrel Scribbles by Kyrushi
Squirrel Scribbles
Hello! I'm Aaron, but you can call me Squirrel. I've been lurking here for some time now and thought maybe it's about time I contributed and posted some of my work... So, I hope you enjoy uwu I also have a Tumblr page where I upload non-critter/furry work and some of the older works I'm a little embarrassed to show here.. Check it out if you like what you've seen here!


I am striving to become a game developer one day and have a few particular projects that I organize my work into! The following are five of many projects i'm working on!

Pokedex Project:
An attempt to make an entire generation of pokemon from scratch. This has been completed and contains 222 total pokemon. This project was an attempt to see how much variety I can create with my own imagination, and man does it show! Every year I attempt to re-draw as many as I possibly can whenever I get in the mood to draw. So, expect to see plenty of these in the future!

Lost Monastery:
A traditional JRPG with a lot of inspiration from Nintendo's Mother (Earthbound) franchise. Humans have the tenancy to seek safety. Whether it's through friends, family, possessions, or religion, we all have something that gives us comfort. Lost Monastery focuses on a world where an overload claiming to be a granter of wishes takes away everything that grants safety. Take the role of a cast of characters full of personality from humans, to cats, to squirrels, to even ghosts in a story about love, equality, and the cruel truth of human nature.

While the story is still in a (very) drafty phase that changes all the time, the cast of characters are complete and a wide variety of enemies and supporting NPCs have been created -- some borrowed from other projects. This is my biggest work that I hope to one day publish as a perfect game.

Project "Thunder":
A simple cast of characters created from my childhood that I never let go of. This project contains various "kirby-like" creatures that all have their own unique abilities. While the concept evolved a lot over time, the current idea is to make a 2D platformer that combines the agility of Sonic, the variety of Mega Man, and the adventure of Metroid-Vania games by allowing you to explore a huge world full of secrets and bosses. Rather than gaining powers from defeating them, they instead join your team and become playable characters. They all have their own unique stats and powers to help you dig deeper into the game's world and even gain new abilities through hidden power-ups!

Project "Deity":
This was a concept I was originally going to scrap, but ended up being something more. originating from being (forced) to work on an RTS game as a group in college, the idea was to make a non-traditional RTS game that forces the player to organize and stresses you to make quick work of enemies.

The concept is a world where deities are fighting an invisible war that is killing humanity in the process. You take the role of a mayor who seeks to fight against the gods and develops eye augmentations that let soldiers see angels and demons. You have the choice of siding with a deity or being completely human focused by killing everything that stands in your way. Granted, your choices in who you fight may make your fight for freedom more difficult in the process..

The game takes a unique twist by letting you set up 25 groups of 4 soldiers that can be sent in for turn-based RPG combat. When engaged, you can either let them fight on their own (which normally brings lacking results) or lead them and give manual commands. However, even while you're controlling a fight, things are going on in the background. Enemies are progressing, buildings are being built or destroyed, deities are trying to win your favor. This stresses you to either end fights quickly or run away so you can deal with more important matters.

To keep track of all of this, you have a communications tree that allows you to upgrade the frequency range of radios or build towers as way points to transmit information to you. Communication is the most important part of this concept and your success may weigh in the balance of how you optimize this mechanic. There's a lot more I could discuss on this game, but I think this gets the overall idea out there!

Project "Quest":
The Nintendo 64, as many may know, was a revolutionary console at its time that allowed us to visit fully 3D worlds for the first time. Many people find great charm in this period when not only we got to witness 3D, but developers for the most part still put great effort into making truly unique games. This game, currently unnamed, takes several elements from my favorite N64 games and crams them together in an action platforming adventure.

Combining the dungeons and combat of Zelda, the platforming of Mario 64, and the level up mechanics of Quest 64, You get an open world game full of places to explore -- and how you progress is all up to you! You start with everything you need to complete the game, but every time you level up, you get a little bit more!

You can either level up your health, your magic, your sword's strength, or a particular magic element. Every element can be leveled up 10 times while everything else can be leveled up as much as your heart desires until you reach a total level of 50. The replayability comes in how you want to build your character as every element has a unique take to it that will simply combat and platforming. Stat boosts, Air Dashes, Double Jumps, Heals, and more are all available for you to discover!
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