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Previously known as KiaaTheNightblade and AsuraLilly.
joined 1 year, 5 months ago s 4 j 4 v 399 v:s 379 v:j 20 f 22 w 12 c:g 28 c:r 2
Arii by KrissaTheWeaver
New girl in the lab
A strange asuran girl would sit down infront of the computer before taking a deep breath. "I think this is working, I am krissa, I am a weaver of bone and sand. Do not let my horns full you nor my ap...
1 year, 1 month ago
a new challenger
System online........Recording..... Name: Unknown Profession: Unknown A red headed asura would appear in place of lilly. her red eyes seemed to glow. She would speak using a distortion device to mas...
1 year, 4 months ago
need a comission
Hey anyone here willing to do a free character sheet for my female charr? I am a bit short on money but I will be commissioning a lot more once I get on my feet work wise. Seems California sucks for w...
1 year, 4 months ago
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Arii by KrissaTheWeaver
Futari pg4 by Trunch
Futari pg4
by Trunch
Greetings bookahs and welcome to my lab. Please ignore the undead roaming the halls they are my assistants. *stops and looks at you before responding in a angry tone* What did you think all undead are where sinister? Anyways follow me, i will be taking you on a quick tour of my lab. Be honored i do not allow people in to the lab often but well...i am quite lonely. I am a necromancer as you have figured out, and yes my eyes are glowing, no you may not ask questions about them. I specialize in golem tech limbs such as my arm, it is powered by Lodestones and the magic they contain. This method was discovered by my mother Rikka. But as all inventions someone that being me improved on the idea. My right arm was lost in a battle with the dragons but i replaced it with my own invention. it increases my power and my speed with my arm. I hope you enjoyed a look in to my lab now..if you will step this way i need to test some things and you are the perfect test subject. Oh i am sorry did you not read the agreement you signed?

((Hey guys i am an asura-holic but i main my reaper lilly. she is an undead golem armed mechanical genius but she is also a combat specialist and enjoys spending time with her minions. I RP and it is really all i do now seeing how the new content does not interest me. If you wish to add me let me know i am NA server TC
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1 year, 5 months ago
If any one rps on gw2 (na) or eso and wants to rp or even see about becoming a dedicated partner to one of my characters let me know. Been looking for a dedicated partner to rp with Lily.
1 year, 5 months ago
That's quite alright, the pic you do have is quite nice, and the journals look interesting too.
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