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Previously known as NicoleKoopa and EmmaThePenguin1000.
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New Submission by KoopalingAndMarioFan
New Submission
You Know What’s Strange
In Super Mario Maker 2. I always play as Toadette or Blue Toad I don’t play as Mario and Luigi the most. But I play as the toads the most. Is it because I’m a Toad?
1 week, 1 day ago
I’m So Uncomfortable
When I was at my aunts house playing my game, a boy in a green shirt wanna see my boobs. I felt so uncomfortable that I left. I’m Not into anybody. I felt so uncomfortable. And he told me not to tell ...
1 week, 6 days ago
Super Mario Maker 2 Is Officially Out Everywhere
Since its midnight over here at my place,  Super Mario Maker 2 is officially out everywhere.  I'm gonna. Be the only who doesn't have it yet.  Until Tuesday.  The ones who have it.  I hope you guys ha...
2 weeks, 4 days ago
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New Submission by KoopalingAndMarioFan
New Submission
Cole Williams Reference Sheet Diaper Version by KoopalingAndMarioFan
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Hi everyone, i’m Cole Williams the toad. My girlfriend is Micole Yoshi. And I have an evil clone of me Name Cole. She’s a koopaling. I am also from Toad Town. I moved from Texas. And Now I live in the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad Town. My evil clone Cole lives in Bowser’s Castle. I have a secret life. I’m dating a yoshi name Micole. Nobody not even the rest of The Koopalings knows about me going out with Micole yoshi . I am also a rare black toad. Who wears diapers. I’m 19 going on 20 in 3 months And my mushroom hat is removable. I am also the only toad who have hair. My best toad friend is Toadette. We hang out pretty much every single day. I am also A graduated Toad. I Graduated From Toad High May 26, 2018. And I am the only toad who have a boy name. Named Cole, don’t get me wrong. I like Cole a lot. And I sometimes wet my diaper. It’s actually quite fun to be honest. Anyway, Micole And I have been together for a bit. And we hope our relationship grows stronger. The only one that knows our relationship is Toadette. She doesn't mind at all. Toadette will keep it a secret. And I also love to draw, it’s my passion. I hope we able to be friends. I do love making friends. I also got a twin sister name Colette. She doesn't know that I have a secret life eiter. Colette also have a evil koopaling clone name Colette as well. We also both help the Mushroom Kingdom from evil.

Name: Cole Williams
Age: 20
Birthdate: January 27
Sexulaity: Bisexual
Relationship/Girlfriend: Micole Yoshi
Species: Rare Toad
Personality: Sweet, Kinda Mean, Artistic
Favorite Color: Green,Blue,Purple, And Yellow
Parents: James Williams And Victoria Williams
Siblings: Colette Williams Twin Toad Sister
Best Friend: Toadette
Likes: Singing,Drawing, Fishing, Playing Video Games, Swimming, wearing diapers, Green, Splatoon,Animal Crossing, Flying, Animals, And being with Micole Yoshi.
Dislike: Being make fun of and not seeing Micole Yoshi
Favorite Junk Food: Hamburgers And Fries
Least Favorite Junk Food: Cookies And Cream Chocolate Bar
Favorite Candy: Milk Dudes And Twix
Favorite Fruit: Peaches
Least Favorite Fruit: Banana
Least Fast Food: Seafood
Fun Fact: I am a rare, Female, Black toad, who have a secret life that nobody knows about EXCEPT Toadette. I also have wings so I can fly. I have a green tail. That no other toads have. I like wearing diapers in both koopaling and toad form. The only reason why I got into wearing diapers, because an old person inspired me. I am kinda mean and sweet at the same time. I love to draw, sing, swim,making videos sometimes, Fishing, And sometimes dance. I am also gonna be working soon. I also love the color green. It’s my most favorite color. Also I love playing video games. I play on my Nintendo Switch. I play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. So if you ever wanna come race with me or have a battle. Let me know. I’m also a fan of Animal Crossing,Splatoon, And Now Super Smash Bros Ultimate.I’m planning on getting those games soon.  I also have a very sweet couion. I’m also a quit toad. I don’t talk that much. I also love Christmas it’s my most favorite time of the year. I also love playing in snow.

                                            Extra Information
Backstory: In my normal form, I was a miracle toad baby. My toad mom almost died with me, while giving birth to me. While my dad was working a double shift in Anahuactoad. He miss my birth. Now in my evil form koopaling form. I was an egg that my koopa mom gave birth to. They was very happy to finally have me. But sudden, there was an attack in Texas. So there was a rare magical pipe that lead to this place called the Mushroom Kingdom. But they was not safe. So my mom and my dad went to a strange dark castle. They had to keep me safe. And the next day, a large door open. It was a koopa, name Bowser. So Bowser picked up the egg, and said he’ll take care of me. (I was still an egg)
Extra: My koopaling form isn't related to the koopalings, I got adopted by Bowser. Because I had no family that’ll take care of me. Also, Bowser never potty train me, So I still wear diapers. Bowser didn't know how to do it. So I walk around in diapers. Also, the koopalings are my step siblings. I also have had a twin sister that I didn’t know about. So, i’ve became an evil koopaling. I was adopted by them.
Also more information about me. Well ever since I was a young toad, a pink yoshi with red and white shoes also female who is always after me trying to eat me. She been after me since we was kids. Until a light blue yoshi with green and purple hair saved me from the pink yoshi. Her name was Micole, she rescuse me from a pink yoshi name Gum. Who’s been trying to eat me for the past bunch of years. And she is still after me trying to eat me. Micole always kept me protect. Either though I have my own stuff to save me. Micole was always there for me. So when we was in school. Pre k all the way to 8th grade we’ve been friends. But in Highschool. For Yoshi and toads only. Starting with 9th grade. We started to hook up. Or dateing each other. We may not had the same class togeather as a couple. But we always see each other at the end of the day and set together on the bus sometimes, we even held hands on the bus. We couldent stop blushing *giggles* We was just too happy togther. Her sister Nicole always supported us.  She always walked me to class everyday when we was in school. She even held my hand. I knew we was gonna be together. We are very happy to be with each other. She also told me she was transgender. Which I didn’t mind. I love Micole just the way she is. We even grated together. And went to prom together. We both are very happy to be together. Also there is a koopa name Arrio who is after me all the time. He had a crush on me. He dislikes Micole alot because she took me from him. I rather be with Micole. We love each other very much. (i’ll update more of this in the future)
Battle Mode Toad/Koopaling Form
In Battle Koopaling Form:
Fire Breath: Ludwig taught me to breath fire, it took many years for me to master. I breath fire to burn the enemy
Vore: I learned that on my own, I can eat the enemy and take away half of their health bar. Sometime the enemy escapts. I also poop the enemy out of my diaper.
Healing: I use my magic wand to heal myself when I take so much damage.
Flying: I will put another enemy in battle a high level enemy to make it harder
Diaperbomb: When I have a full messy diaper, I take it off and throw it at the enemy to stun and gross them out. (don’t worry I have an extra on)
Magic Wand: It pretty much do the same as my other attacks.
In Battle: Toad Form Normal Form
Vore: I can eat the enemy and take almost all the enemy health bar, sometimes the enemy escape. (Just because i'm a small toad, doesnt mean im weak. I even eat fat people. I sometimes spit the enemy out)
Healing: I use my paint brush to heal, and also fling paint at the enemy, to make them blind.
Diaperbomb: I pretty much do the same thing as my koopaling self. I use my dirty diaper to stan and gross the enemy.
Paint Brush: I use my paint brush to paint all over the screen, to attack the enemy while the screen is full of paint, The enemy will lose half of their health bar.
Cute Facts about both forms: I love to play in the snow in both of my forms. I love cute animals. I also like to go boom boom in my diaper. I don’t have a pet, I do want a pet like a hamster. Because they are so cute. I love to go swimming and hang out with my friends. Toadette,King Boo, And Shy Guy. And sometimes I like my diapers to be warm and fuzzy. I love when they get all big and poffy. I also love to watch funny videos on Toadtube. I sometimes vores my friends in my toad form and I sometimes eat Micole. Hehe she likes that kind of thing. In my koopaling form I like to sit in my nice and messy diaper. My favorite step siblings is Iggy and Lemmy. I'm kinda step twins with Lemmy a bit. And I don’t wanna get potty trained. I also fly unlike my other step siblings. They can’t fly unless they have airships. I can fly with my strong butterfly wings. Also in both of my forms, I have a male version. His name is Coe, he is like me in my female form that likes diapers. In my toad form, I have a twin sister name Colette. Colette also likes to wear diapers, I got her into that. Hehe she is very welcome, She also loves it alot. She love the squishiness just like me. She have Pink hair. She also have a secret life like me, She is secretly in a relationship with Collette. She have a star on the side of her face in both forms. She doesn't want me to know about her secret life, just like me.
   Also I do RP’S Now, if you wanna do a RP let me know, and i’ll gladly accept it. I do have the right to refuse RP’S if I don’t want to do one. I pretty much do any RP’S.
           More Information Coming soon
               Updated 1/02/2019
If you made it down congratulations, you now know more about me
                        Switch Friend Code
                        3950 1825 2506
Stay Toadally Awesome
Cole Williams
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Cole Toad
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4 months ago
Hi; Awesome drawings, I must keep an eye on you.
5 months, 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the watchs you guys, I just don't use builders. I also draw to with my own hands.
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