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Previously known as hellshound and Hellshound.
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Alex and The Android Mascot by KiraCollie
Alex and The Android Mascot
I pray for France
That is all. My heart goes out to them.
10 months, 2 weeks ago
My stories are missing...
Trying to organize my story submissions better. Hence, some of them are missing. My apologies.
1 year, 8 months ago
Heads up
My Dad more than likely needs me to accompany him to the family cottage to lock up for winter. I feel responsible since I'm the only one available to help (long story). Be back on Sunday sometime. Luv...
2 years ago
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Alex and The Android Mascot by KiraCollie
Alex and The Android Mascot
Wanna Play? by KiraCollie
Wanna Play?
Kira as Superman (Cosplay) by KiraCollie
Kira as Superman (Cosplay)
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Kylal and Kira: Fist Bump
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Kira and Emily's Reunion
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Chocolates from Kira
Kira comforts Charlotte by KiraCollie
Kira comforts Charlotte
Emily Bennett/Mega Miss by KiraCollie
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Furry Freak Face Off by KiraCollie
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Kitty Adoptables by KiraCollie
Kitty Adoptables
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Kira comforts Charlotte by KiraCollie
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Kira and Emily's Reunion by KiraCollie
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By friends, for friends. Paid for, free.
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Kira and Narissa's Parents:

Sarren, a large vampire collie.

Natalia, a Succubus Wolf.

Sarren’s first form is red-striped down his back, like a tiger. He has neck fluff that makes him look like a true collie, and he's got a couple chains on his arms that remind his followers the torture he suffered to leave the circles of Hell.

Natalia's main form is jet black with a blood red underbelly, and her tail tip is red, her arms have hypnotic patterns trailing down her wrists, and unlike Narissa, Natalia knows how to retract her wings and how to tease her victims rather well.

Sarren’s second form is coal black fur covering the majority of his body with two white patches along his thighs and a white triangle of fur on his chest with a red domino mask shape around his eyes. Along his back three red lines running vertical, one on his spine and the other two flanking that. Ice blue eyes.

For Natalia’s second form blood-red fur over her whole body and black spots along her back similar to a hyena. On her front white belly fur that extents up along her breasts and down into her groin and a little onto her inner thighs. Gold eyes unless using powers then they go pitch black.
Sarren has powerful telekinetic powers that appear in the form of long flowing hands to those who can see them. Also minor pyrokenesis and flight with fiery demonic wing, just to name a few of his powers.

Natalia has a hypnotizing voice, very siren like. Also a variety of lesser demon magics, teleporting, summoning, and the ability to feed off of emotions to increase power and lust/hate gives her the most power. Both have more powers and Kira couldn’t find it in his heart to kill them, so he locked them away in suspended animation. They have recently broken free and now help him in his conquests on occasion.

Kira Collie:

The son of Sarren and Natalia and the older brother of Narissa.

Species: Vampire/Rough-Coated Collie Mix

Eye color: Red

Fur color: Charcoal Black

Age: Unknown

Powers: Hypnosis, limitless speed and strength, ESP, Telepathy, summoning other undead creatures.

Weaknesses: ???

Other redeeming features:

- A scar that looks like a pentagram on his chest.

- A scar across his left eye.

- A six pack and well-defined muscular appearance

- Claw marks that snake down his back to his hips.

- The ability to change his appearance into different creatures, and also grow a mullet or a mane.


Kira's dominatrix, succubus sister.

A dark red wolf with a black underbelly, and the same abilities as her brother.
Aside from a lovely, desirable hourglass figure, she sports, on certain occasions, a full dominatrix outfit.

Eye color: Dark purple, and her iris slits are slightly thinner than Kira's.

She enjoys: building an army of her own, comprised mostly of males, but will, at times, fight and enslave females. She carries no battle scars, since she is considered a last resort in battle. As a result of this, her libido and sexual sensitivity are exponentially high.

Both of them hate being humiliated, either on their own, or when someone tries to steal their harem members. So, steal even one of their slaves, there'll be Hell to pay!

Thanks to experimentation with black magic, Kira and Narissa can now gender bend.

Rika Collie:

Species: Vampire/Rough-Coated Collie Mix

Eye color: Red

Fur color: Charcoal Black

Other redeeming features:

- The pentagram chest scar shifts to her abdomen, so her rather impressive jugs can remain untouched.

- A scar across her left eye.

- A slender, slightly athletic build.

- the three claw marks now snake down to either side of her butt and to the beginning of her tail.

Unlike Kira, Rika has long flowing black hair that ends mid back.


Narissa's male form.

Species: Incubus/Wolf mix

Sarisan is a rather slender athletic male with a six pack and the same attributes as his female form.

Pets of this expansive clan:

Kahn, the Titanoboa.

A giant, prehistoric constrictor who weighs 2,500 pounds, is 49 feet long and three feet wide at his thickest portion.

He disposes of any dead enemies who cross Kira and Narissa, and is as gentle as a lamb around Narissa, especially. Using black magic spanning 300 years, he was magically enhanced to knock down a wall of concrete and survive even a nuclear explosion.

His weapons are:

Hypnosis, constriction, head butt, his bite (100 curved back teeth the size of switchblades) and a tail whip.

He's fed their enemies on occasion and given some fun with their harem. He can turn naga and fully human at his own volition.


A harpy of sorts who guards the castle. Originally fell in love with Kira and became jealous when he began appointing brides. After a small misunderstanding, she accepted a place in his harem as a slave, if only so she could be closer to Kira in any way. Later, Kira realized it was to remind him of Mako's protecting of him and Narissa from their parents. Later revealed that she did favors for Kira and Narissa when they were young.

She has long flowing reddish-purple hair, light purple feathers on her wings, her skin is light purple, with a pentagram marking that appears above her cleavage from time to time, and long legs that are rather alluring until they end in sharp talons. She has long purple Tail feathers that drag along the floor when she walks. She has a 7 foot wing span, and an almost human like face. She's very loyal to Kira.


A large werewolf loyal to Kira, scarred and cursed to remain in his werewolf form for protection. Golden eyes, nine feet tall.

Now a fleshed out backstory for Kira and Narissa:

Special Notes: Kira has slight Incubus qualities too, but he prefers his vampire side.
Narissa same way, slightly.
Kira and Narissa were always bonding despite Kira being preferred by their parents. Kira trained Narissa in many different ways whenever he was able to visit her in the dungeons. Combat-wise, though sexual would come later, because she cleared out the battlefield whenever they had the odds stacked against them. Basically, if Narissa was never used in battle, Kira would have more scars than he does. When his parents found out he was helping her become as strong as him, they carved a pentagram into his chest, labeling him incestuous because she has a Pentagram marking on her belly. Kira loves her to death, and is willing to bed her at times, and despite her being a dominatrix, she respects him enough to be submissive at times. As the years rolled by, she evolved to get those flame like markings trailing up her arms and legs, a ten foot wingspan, and the same powers as Kira. She can enter alternate dimensions to subdue the most strong willed victims, and she and Kira have various magic abilities that are so vast that they cannot all be listed at once.

She was kept in the dungeon because Kira had to lead the house if/when their parents met an unexpected end. Aslo, because her parents felt the need to keep her sexual tension high so she could try to get release in battle, but as the years rolled by and Kira began building their collective harem, he felt she deserved a “thank you” for protecting him so often in battle, and after he took her virginity, he got his pentagram.

Kira and Narissa have weaknesses, yes, but no one knows exactly what, yet.
Narissa respects Kira too much to defy her parents. Kira doesn't want it coming back to backfire on her.
She's doing it because Kira cares, she loves her parents, but she loves Kira more.
She doesn't want him to be hurt by her in any way.
She doesn't respect Sarren and Natalia. Doesn't mean she doesn't love them. She'll do anything for her brother, not a thing for her parents.
She loves him and respects him because of him showing her respect despite him being their star child.
Lastly, they all live in a castle overlooking a lake on a tall cliff in Russia.


Listen well, all you artists. I'm not holding this against anyone, but for future reference.

1. Kira is NOT A WOLF. He's a COLLIE!! It's in his name! Kira "Vampire" Collie.

2. Narissa is NOT A FOX. She's a WOLF!! It's in her name! Narissa "Succubus" Wolf.

3. Kira and Narissa are based loosely off of this Godly creature: http://hellsing.wikia.com/wiki/Alucard

and this.... http://hellsing.wikia.com/wiki/Schrödinger < This leads me to number 4.

4. Kira and Narissa get humiliated, I get mad. Plain and simple. I love these characters enough as extensions of myself that I hate seeing them mutilated or tortured.

5. Same goes for Rika and Kahn and the others in all the above.

I am not mad, but I'm pointing this out for future reference.

Many more to come...
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Dos Coyotes; Naughty 'n' Naughtier by mreiof
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